Fully Funded Marshall Islands Scholarships 2024/2025

If you’re looking to study in the Marshall Islands, a stunning tropical paradise located in the Pacific Ocean, you can take advantage of several scholarship programs to help finance your academic pursuits.

In this post, we’ll be discussing four key scholarships that are fully funded and available to aspiring students, enabling you to experience an unparalleled educational and cultural experience in this beautiful part of the world.

Marshall Islands Scholarship, Grant and Loan Board (MISGLB)

Do you know about the Marshall Islands Scholarship, Grant, and Loan Board (MISGLB)? It is an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities of the local residents. As a student, you can benefit from this program and achieve your aspirations. MISGLB is a source of hope and encouragement for those who wish to pursue higher education.


  • Must be a citizen of the Marshall Islands.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Meet academic requirements (varies depending on program).

How to Apply:

  • Contact the MISGLB office or visit their website.
  • Complete the application form and submit required documents.
  • Meet with a school counselor or teacher for assistance (new applicants).

MISGLB has got you covered. This treasure trove of opportunities is not just restricted to local universities but also extends to academic institutions abroad. Imagine a world of knowledge waiting to be discovered, with no financial constraints to hold you back. With MISGLB, that world is not just a possibility, but a reality.

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Kosrae State Scholarship

Are you a native of Kosrae State, an archipelago that’s part of the enchanting Federated States of Micronesia, dreaming of a bright academic future in the breathtaking Marshall Islands? Your dream could turn into reality, thanks to the Kosrae State Scholarship. 


  • The amount of the award varies depending on the student’s financial need, academic merit, and chosen field of study.
  • It can cover tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.
  • The scholarship is renewable for up to four years for undergraduate studies and two years for graduate studies, provided the student maintains good academic standing and meets all program requirements.
  • Application process:
    • Applications are usually accepted in the spring semester.
    • The application form and required documents can be obtained from the Kosrae State Scholarship Board office or downloaded from the Kosrae Department of Education website.
    • The completed application package must be submitted to the Kosrae State Scholarship Board office before the deadline.

The Kosrae State Scholarship is your opportunity to rise above the barriers and dive into an ocean of learning without the stress of financial commitments. Embark on your educational journey in the serene surroundings of the Marshall Islands with the Kosrae State Scholarship and watch your academic dreams unfurl into reality.

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Chevening Scholarships

Now, picture being selected to study in the captivating Marshall Islands, absorbing the rich cultural experiences and expanding your academic horizons, all while being completely relieved of financial stress. 

Who can apply?

  • Citizens of any of the 164 Chevening-eligible countries and territories.
  • Have completed an undergraduate degree that is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree.
  • Have at least two years of work experience.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership potential and a commitment to public service.
  • What does the scholarship cover?
    • Tuition fees for a one-year master’s degree at a UK university.
    • A monthly living stipend.
    • An economy-class return flight to the UK.
    • An arrival allowance.
    • A homeward departure allowance.
    • The cost of one visa application.
    • A travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK.

 It’s not just about the academic enrichment; it’s about personal growth, networking with other scholars, and paving the way to become a change maker in your own community. The Chevening Scholarships opens doors to an exciting world of learning, nestled in the Pacific paradise of the Marshall Islands.

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Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Welcome to the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. A program that aims to provide a strong educational foundation for tomorrow’s global influencers in diverse fields. Be it economics, finance, education, public health, or infrastructure management – the world is your oyster.

  • Who can apply?
      • Citizens of developing countries listed by the World Bank.
      • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
      • Have at least three years of relevant work experience after earning their bachelor’s degree.
      • Be employed in development-related work at the time of application.
      • Demonstrate a commitment to returning to their home country after completing their studies.
  • What does the scholarship cover?
    • Tuition fees for a one-year or two-year master’s degree program at a participating university.
    • A monthly living stipend.
    • Round-trip airfare to and from the student’s home country.
    • Health insurance.
    • Travel allowance.

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program opens up a world of opportunities. An educational journey nestled within the serene beauty of the Marshall Islands and enriched by the powerful partnership of the World Bank and Japan. This scholarship is an excellent platform to springboard your career, make a difference in your community, and be part of the solution to global challenges. With this opportunity at your fingertips, the time has come to seize the moment and transform your academic dreams into reality.

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How hard is it to get the Marshall Scholarship?

It is highly competitive. Out of hundreds of applicants, only around 40-50 scholarships are awarded annually. Factors influencing difficulty include:

  • Academic merit: You’ll need a GPA of at least 3.7 and potentially strong academic achievements beyond that.
  • Extracurriculars and Leadership: Demonstrating impactful engagement in activities outside academics is crucial.
  • Study proposal and motivation: A well-defined study plan and compelling reason for pursuing your chosen field in the UK significantly impact your chances.
  • Interview performance: Convincing the selection panel of your potential and commitment to public service is vital.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

The Marshall Scholarship covers tuition fees, a living stipend, travel, and other expenses, making it effectively a 100% scholarship for postgraduate study in the UK. There are no separate steps to “get” this specific rate; you simply apply for the Marshall Scholarship itself, and if successful, you receive the full financial package.

How long is a Marshall Scholarship?

The Marshall Scholarship typically lasts for one year, covering one postgraduate degree program. However, you can apply for an extension in specific circumstances, potentially extending your scholarship to a maximum of three years for doctoral studies.

Does Marshall University give scholarships?

Marshall University offers various scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students based on merit, financial need, academic achievement, and specific fields of study. You can visit their website or contact their financial aid office for more information and specific scholarship opportunities.

What GPA is required for Marshall University?

The minimum GPA requirement for admission to Marshall University varies depending on your program and other factors. The general guideline is a 2.0 cumulative GPA for most undergraduate programs, although some competitive programs may require a higher GPA. It’s best to check the specific requirements for your desired program on the university website.



The dream of an enriching educational journey in the idyllic Marshall Islands is not just a mere daydream; it can become your reality. The fully funded scholarships such as the Marshall Islands Scholarship, Grant, and Loan Board, Kosrae State Scholarship, Chevening Scholarships, and the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program are paving the way for academic aspirants like you. These scholarships are more than just financial support, they provide an avenue for holistic development, global networking, and equip you with tools to become a change agent in your respective communities. No financial constraint should hold you back from chasing your academic dreams and turning them into your success story. The tranquil beauty of the Marshall Islands awaits you, along with a world of knowledge and cultural experiences. With these scholarships, the sun-kissed shores of this Pacific paradise are closer than ever before. It’s time to take that leap, grasp the opportunity, and transform your aspirations into achievements. Your academic journey in the captivating Marshall Islands is just a scholarship away.


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