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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in Spain with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Spain is known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and beautiful weather, but did you know that it is also home to some of the most affordable nursing schools in Europe? In fact, Spanish universities often offer scholarships and financial aid to international students. In addition, the cost of living in Spain is significantly lower than in other European countries. 

For these reasons, Spain is a top destination for students seeking an affordable and high-quality nursing education. This article will introduce you to the top 10 nursing schools in Spain that offer affordable tuition and great scholarship opportunities.

1) University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona stands out as a premier institution for those seeking affordable nursing education in Spain. It provides a range of scholarship opportunities designed to ease the financial burden on students. Known for its commitment to high-quality education, the program’s tuition fees are competitively priced

This makes the University of Barcelona an attractive option for prospective nursing students aiming for excellence without the financial strain.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  2,300 EUR per year

2) Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona offers an appealing choice for those eyeing an affordable path to a nursing career, supplemented by a variety of scholarship options to alleviate financial challenges. This institution is celebrated for its inclusive educational approach and commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment for all students. 

Its cost-effective tuition fees make it an exemplary choice for prospective nursing students keen on obtaining a quality education without the hefty price tag.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  4,600 EUR per year

3) Complutense University of Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid is an excellent destination for students aspiring to enter the nursing profession without incurring a large debt. This institution prides itself on offering substantial scholarship programs that significantly reduce the financial burden on students. With tuition fees set at an accessible level, it stands as a beacon of affordability in the realm of nursing education. 

The university’s dedication to accessible education ensures that students from various backgrounds can pursue their nursing ambitions here.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  5,600 EUR per year

4) University of Valencia – Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry

The University of Valencia’s Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry presents an excellent opportunity for students seeking both affordability and quality in their nursing education. With a strong emphasis on practical learning and cutting-edge research, this institution offers scholarships that significantly defray education costs. 

Its competitive tuition fees position it as a prime choice for individuals eager to step into the nursing field backed by a comprehensive and financially accessible education. Engaging faculty, modern facilities, and a supportive student community further enhance the value offered by the University of Valencia.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  4,300 EUR per year

5) University of Granada – Faculty of Health Sciences

The University of Granada’s Faculty of Health Sciences distinguishes itself as a standout option for budget-conscious students aiming to embark on a nursing career. With a focus on delivering a robust educational experience, this institution makes higher education in nursing more accessible through its generous scholarship programs. 

The school fees are designed to be wallet-friendly, ensuring that financial barriers are minimized. This commitment to affordability, without compromising on the quality of education, positions the University of Granada as a preferred choice for students desiring a cost-effective route to achieving their nursing ambitions.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  3,500 EUR per year

6) University of Seville – Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Podiatry

At the University of Seville’s Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Podiatry, students find a blend of value and quality in their nursing education. This institution is lauded for providing affordable nursing programs complemented by scholarship opportunities that ease the financial load on its students. 

The university’s approachable school fees ensure that a wider range of students can access top-tier education in nursing, empowering them to pursue their professional goals with less financial worry. This dedication to making quality nursing education attainable underscores the University of Seville’s role as a pivotal institution for students prioritizing both cost-effectiveness and excellence in their academic journey.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  4,500 EUR per year

7) University of Murcia – Faculty of Medicine

The University of Murcia – Faculty of Medicine provides a cost-effective path to a nursing degree, accompanied by scholarship opportunities designed to ease the financial load for students. This institution has established itself as an affordable choice by setting low tuition fees, making it accessible for a wide array of aspiring nurses. 

Its focus on making nursing education both affordable and comprehensive enables students to pursue their professional dreams without being burdened by excessive debt.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  3,500 EUR per year

8) University of Santiago de Compostela – Faculty of Nursing

The University of Santiago de Compostela offers an exceptional Nursing program, renowned for its affordable tuition and comprehensive scholarship offerings. It stands as a beacon for students passionate about embarking on a nursing career without the financial constraints typically associated with higher education. 

The school’s dedication to affordability, paired with its robust educational framework, ensures students receive a well-rounded learning experience. By providing substantial financial support through scholarships, the institution opens doors for aspiring nurses, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both quality education and financial feasibility in their nursing studies.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  3,200 EUR per year

9) University of Malaga – Faculty of Health Sciences

The University of Malaga’s Faculty of Health Sciences shines as a beacon for those aspiring to join the nursing profession without the weight of financial worry. It boasts a curriculum that balances comprehensive theory with practical, hands-on experiences, all while maintaining remarkably affordable tuition fees. 

The school further supports its students through scholarships, addressing the financial hurdles that often deter potential nurses. This dedication to affordable education, combined with a strong focus on quality and inclusivity, makes the University of Malaga an excellent choice for anyone seeking a cost-effective yet thorough nursing education in Spain.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  2,300 EUR per year

10) University of Navarra – School of Nursing

The University of Navarra’s School of Nursing is an excellent destination for those pursuing a nursing career on a budget, offering comprehensive scholarship programs to support its students financially. With tuition fees set to ensure accessibility, the institution is dedicated to delivering an education that combines practical skills with theoretical knowledge.

 This balance makes the University of Navarra a top choice for future nurses looking for an affordable education that is balanced with quality and opportunities for professional growth.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  3,200 EUR per year


How much is the tuition fee for nursing in Spain?

The cost of studying nursing in Spain is relatively low compared to other European countries. For example, the tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Barcelona range from €1,200 to €1,800 per year, while the University of Granada charges €2,000 per year. And these fees do not include the cost of books and supplies. However, there are many scholarships and grants available for students studying nursing in Spain. 

Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

When it comes to nursing education, there are many great options around the world. But if you’re looking for the best combination of affordability and quality, then you should consider Canada. There are a number of nursing schools in Canada that offer competitive tuition rates and excellent scholarship opportunities. And with a high standard of living and great job prospects for nurses, it’s no wonder why Canada is such a popular destination for international students

What is the cheapest university in Spain for international students?

The University of Barcelona is often cited as the cheapest university in Spain for international students. It’s located in Barcelona, one of Spain’s most popular cities for students, and offers a wide range of degree programs in English. Tuition fees for international students start at just €2,500 per year, making it one of the most affordable universities in Spain. 

Which country can I study nursing for free?

A few countries, primarily in Europe, offer free tuition for nursing programs under specific conditions (often for EU students). Research individual countries and programs thoroughly.

What is the easiest country to become a nurse in?

There’s no country with an “easy” path to becoming a nurse. Earning a nursing license typically involves rigorous academic coursework, clinical rotations, and passing national exams. However, some countries might have faster or less expensive nursing programs compared to others. Consider factors like language requirements and desired program structure (vocational vs. degree) when making your choice.


In conclusion, Spain is an excellent choice for students looking for an affordable and high-quality nursing education. With a variety of world-class universities and a wide range of scholarship opportunities, Spain provides international students with a great value for their money. And with the country’s low cost of living and welcoming culture, it’s no wonder why Spain is one of the most popular destinations for nursing students from around the world. So if you’re looking for a top-notch nursing education at an affordable price, Spain is the place to be

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