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Agbami Scholarships Students in Nigerian Universities 2024/2025

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In Nigeria, the need for quality education cannot be overemphasized. However, one of the significant challenges that many Nigerian students face is the financial burden associated with obtaining a university degree. 

The Agbami Scholarship, sponsored by the Agbami joint venture partners, is an educational initiative that aims to reduce this burden. It provides financial assistance to deserving Nigerian university students.

Eligibility Criteria for the Agbami Scholarship

The Agbami Scholarship program seeks to empower dedicated Nigerian university students by providing financial assistance to mitigate the cost of their education. The scholarship is available to a select group of students who meet a defined set of criteria.

  • Applicant’s Nationality: The Agbami Scholarship is open to Nigerian students. This means the applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria, with the necessary proof of citizenship.
  • Degree Level: The scholarship program is targeted at Nigerian students pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Postgraduate students or students in their final year of study are not eligible for the Agbami Scholarship.
  • Specific Field of Study: The scholarship focuses on students enrolled in specific disciplines, mainly within the Medical and Engineering fields. Detailed information on the eligible courses will be provided in the next section.
  • Academic Performance: The Agbami Scholarship places a significant emphasis on academic performance. As a result, applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 5.0 or its equivalent.
  • University Affiliation: The applicant must be enrolled full-time in a recognized Nigerian tertiary institution. This includes universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.
  • Level of Study: The scholarship is available to students in their first or second year of study. Students in their third year or above are not eligible for the scholarship.
  • Application: The applicant must have successfully completed the application process for the scholarship. This process includes filling out the application form and providing the required documentation.
  • Documentation: Applicants must provide valid documentation supporting their academic achievements, including official transcripts and proof of enrollment. Additional documents may include a letter of admission and a recent passport photograph.

Please note that the scholarship is highly competitive, with a limited number of scholarships available each year. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee that a student will be awarded the scholarship. The selection committee considers various factors, including academic performance, financial need, and community involvement, before making a final decision.

The Application Process for the Agbami Scholarship 

The application process for the Agbami Scholarship involves several stages, each designed to assess the applicant’s eligibility, academic potential, and financial needs. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process:

  • Registration: Prospective applicants need to begin by registering on the official Agbami Scholarship website. During the registration process, applicants will be asked to provide basic personal information such as their full name, contact details, and the name of the university they are attending.
  • Completion of the Application Form: After successful registration, applicants will be given access to the official scholarship application form. The form requires detailed information about the applicant’s academic history, current course of study, and financial situation. Honesty is essential in filling out the application form as false or misleading information could lead to disqualification.
  • Submission of Necessary Documentation: As part of the application process, applicants must provide several supporting documents. These include a letter of admission, recent passport photograph, and official transcripts. Depending on the specific requirements of the year, additional documents may be requested.
  • Verification Stage: Upon receipt of the application form and necessary documentation, the scholarship committee will commence verification. This process involves checking the authenticity of the submitted documents and ensuring the eligibility of the applicants.
  • Shortlisting: After verification, the committee shortlists candidates who have met all the eligibility criteria and provided satisfactory documentation. This is usually a very competitive stage, as the number of applicants often far exceeds the available scholarships.
  • Interviews and Assessment: Shortlisted applicants may be required to partake in interviews and assessments. These are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the applicant’s academic abilities, leadership potential, and commitment to community service.
  • Notification of Award: Successful candidates will be notified of their award via the email address provided during the registration process. They will also receive further information about the payment process and the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  • Acceptance of Award: Finally, selected applicants must formally accept the scholarship award by signing and returning the acceptance form sent to them.

It is crucial to remember that the Agbami Scholarship program operates on a strict timeline, and all applicants must adhere to the stipulated deadlines. To ensure a smooth application process, we recommend starting early, gathering all the necessary documentation, and thoroughly proofreading your application before submission.

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Which Course Of Study Is Eligible For The Agbami Scholarship 

The Agbami Scholarship’s primary focus is on aiding students who are pursuing courses in critical and high-impact sectors, specifically within the medical and engineering disciplines. The aim is to develop a highly skilled workforce that can contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economic growth and development. Below is a list of courses that are eligible for the Agbami Scholarship:

  • Medicine & Surgery: This course is at the forefront of healthcare provision. Students pursuing a degree in Medicine and Surgery are considered for the Agbami Scholarship, given the essential role that they will play in improving the health sector in Nigeria.
  • Dentistry: Dentistry is another important discipline in the health sector. As such, students who are pursuing a degree in this field are also eligible for the Agbami Scholarship.
  • Pharmacy: Pharmacy students are eligible for this scholarship because of the critical role they play in the healthcare system. Their expertise in medication therapy management is indispensable in the health sector.
  • Nursing: This discipline is integral to patient care. The scholarship acknowledges the importance of this role by including nursing students in the list of eligible courses.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: This field forms a significant part of the diagnostic process in healthcare. Therefore, students in Medical Laboratory Science are considered eligible for the Agbami Scholarship.
  • Industrial and Chemical Engineering: These disciplines are vital to several sectors of the Nigerian economy. Students in these fields can apply for the Agbami Scholarship as well.
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering: Given the importance of the oil and gas sector in Nigeria’s economy, students in this field are considered eligible for the scholarship.
  • Civil Engineering: This field plays a significant role in infrastructure development. Therefore, Civil Engineering students are also eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Mechanical Engineering: This discipline contributes greatly to various sectors, including manufacturing and construction. Hence, students in Mechanical Engineering can apply for the Agbami Scholarship.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering: This field is critical in several industries, including energy and telecommunications. Therefore, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students are considered eligible for the Agbami Scholarship.
  • Computer Engineering: With the rise of the digital age, Computer Engineering has become a critical discipline. Therefore, students pursuing this course are also considered for the scholarship.
  • Agricultural Engineering: Considering the significance of agriculture to Nigeria’s economy, students in Agricultural Engineering are eligible for the Agbami Scholarship.

Please note that while these are the primary courses considered for the Agbami Scholarship, the selection committee may consider students from other disciplines based on prevailing needs.  


Is Seplat scholarship 2024 out?

As of today, February 15, 2024, the Seplat Scholarship for 2024 has not yet been announced. Seplat typically offers scholarships to deserving Nigerian students pursuing undergraduate studies in accredited Nigerian universities. Prospective applicants should monitor the scholarship’s official channels for announcements regarding the 2024 application cycle.

How can I get NNPC scholarship?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) offers various scholarship opportunities to Nigerian students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Nigeria and overseas. To apply for the NNPC scholarship, eligible candidates typically need to:

  • Visit the NNPC scholarship portal or official website.
  • Complete the online application form with accurate and relevant information.
  • Upload required documents, such as academic transcripts, identification documents, and passport photographs.
  • Submit the application before the specified deadline.
  • Monitor email or SMS notifications for updates on the application status and further instructions.

How to apply for KPMG undergraduate scholarship?

KPMG, a multinational professional services firm, offers undergraduate scholarships to outstanding Nigerian students. To apply for the KPMG undergraduate scholarship, interested candidates usually need to:

  • Visit the KPMG Nigeria website or scholarship portal.
  • Review the eligibility criteria and application requirements.
  • Complete the online application form accurately, providing relevant personal and academic information.
  • Upload required documents, including academic transcripts, curriculum vitae, and recommendation letters.
  • Submit the application within the specified deadline.
  • Stay updated on the scholarship selection process and follow any further instructions provided by KPMG.

Which Nigerian university offers scholarship?

Several Nigerian universities offer scholarships to support their students’ academic pursuits. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or funded by external organizations. Some Nigerian universities known for offering scholarship opportunities include the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), and Covenant University. 

Does NECO give scholarship?

The National Examinations Council (NECO) in Nigeria is primarily responsible for conducting secondary school examinations and certifications. While NECO itself may not offer scholarships directly, some organizations, foundations, or government agencies may provide scholarship opportunities based on performance in NECO examinations or other criteria. Students who excel in NECO examinations may be eligible for scholarships offered by various institutions or scholarship programs in Nigeria.


In sum, the Agbami Scholarship is a remarkable initiative providing significant financial assistance to Nigerian students in key fields of study. By easing the burden of educational expenses, it allows students to focus on their academic pursuits and fosters a learning environment that can breed excellence. With its emphasis on courses within the medical and engineering sectors, the scholarship plays a crucial role in building a skilled workforce that can significantly contribute to Nigeria’s development.

In conclusion, education is a powerful tool for change, and the Agbami Scholarship is helping to place that tool in the hands of deserving Nigerian students. Let’s continue to embrace and support such initiatives, for they hold the key to Nigeria’s bright future.

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