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Caleb University Scholarships Application 2024/2025

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Acquiring a quality education is the ultimate goal of many students around the world. Unfortunately, due to high tuition costs, not every student has the opportunity to pursue their dream. However, institutions like Caleb University in Nigeria are helping to bridge this gap by offering various scholarships to aid students financially. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Caleb University Scholarships and how you can apply for them.

Types of Scholarships at Caleb University 

Caleb University in Nigeria recognizes that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone. This belief drives the institution to provide a variety of scholarships to assist deserving students in achieving their educational dreams. Here are the main types of scholarships you can avail of at Caleb University:

  1. Merit-based Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students who have shown outstanding academic achievements. Typically, they require a high Grade Point Average (GPA) or excellent results in certain subjects. They may also consider leadership experiences or community involvement.
  2. Need-based Scholarships: These scholarships are designed for students who are facing financial hardships. The aim is to ensure that lack of finances should not be a barrier for talented students to pursue higher education.
  3. Athletic Scholarships: If you’re a student-athlete who excels both in academics and sports, this type of scholarship might be perfect for you. Caleb University offers athletic scholarships in various sports, recognizing the effort student-athletes put in balancing their academics and sports commitment.
  4. Departmental Scholarships: These scholarships are usually specific to certain departments or faculties. They are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional skills or interest in the department’s area of study.
  5. Caleb University Alumni Scholarships: These scholarships are funded by the alumni of Caleb University who want to give back to their alma mater. They are usually based on both need and merit.

Remember that the competition for these scholarships can be high, so it’s crucial to prepare a strong application showcasing your achievements, potential, and needs. Whether you’re an academic achiever, a budding athlete, a dedicated department student, or a deserving student facing financial difficulties, there’s a scholarship opportunity waiting for you at Caleb University.

Eligibility Criteria for Caleb University Scholarships 

Securing a scholarship at Caleb University comes with its own set of eligibility requirements. These prerequisites often differ based on the type of scholarship in question. However, understanding these basic eligibility criteria can greatly enhance your chances of successfully securing financial aid. Let’s dive into the general eligibility conditions for the various scholarships offered at Caleb University:

  1. Merit-based Scholarships: To be eligible for these scholarships, students need to exhibit exceptional academic performance. This could be reflected in their high school grades or their university GPA. Extra-curricular activities, leadership roles, and community involvement may also play a part in the selection process.
  2. Need-based Scholarships: These scholarships require applicants to demonstrate a clear financial need. This may require the submission of financial documents or a written explanation detailing the financial challenges the student is facing.
  3. Athletic Scholarships: Eligibility for athletic scholarships not only depends on academic performance but also athletic accomplishments. Evidence of high-level competition, such as regional or national level participation, might be necessary, along with coach recommendations and game footage.
  4. Departmental Scholarships: To qualify for these scholarships, you must be enrolled in a specific department and exhibit a strong interest or exceptional skill in the department’s area of study. The department may also consider your academic performance in their specific subjects.
  5. Caleb University Alumni Scholarships: Eligibility for these scholarships often hinges on both merit and need. Specific requirements can vary based on the alumni group providing the scholarship but can include elements like strong academic performance, community service, leadership potential, or financial need.

Remember, these scholarships are designed to assist those students who are genuinely passionate about their education but are constrained due to financial or personal circumstances. 

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How to Apply for Caleb University Scholarships 

Taking the first step toward obtaining a Caleb University Scholarship involves understanding the application process. This process is crucial, as it enables the university to assess your eligibility and suitability for the scholarship. Here are the general steps you need to take when applying for a Caleb University Scholarship:

  • Prepare Necessary Documents: Gather all the necessary documents required for the scholarship application. Common documents may include academic transcripts, standardized test scores (if applicable), letters of recommendation, personal statement or essay, proof of financial need, and any other supporting documents specified by the scholarship provider.
  • Complete the Scholarship Application Form: Fill out the scholarship application form accurately and completely. Provide all requested information, ensuring that there are no errors or discrepancies. Follow any instructions provided by the scholarship application form carefully.
  • Submit Your Application: Submit your completed scholarship application along with all required documents by the specified deadline. Ensure that you meet the deadline to avoid any issues with your application. Some scholarships may require online submission, while others may require physical submission of documents.
  • Await Response: After submission, patiently await the scholarship committee’s decision. Response times vary for each scholarship. If successful, you will receive an acceptance letter detailing the scholarship’s benefits and requirements. If unsuccessful, don’t be disheartened. Remember, there are several scholarships available, and with continued effort, you’re likely to find one that suits your needs.

Please note that these are general guidelines and the actual application process may vary depending on the specific scholarship. Always refer to the official scholarship information for accurate details. Diligence, perseverance, and a strong application are key to securing a Caleb University Scholarship. So, start your application today and take a significant step towards achieving your academic dreams.

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How much is Caleb University tuition fees?

  • Tuition: N204,500 per semester for most programs. Some programs might have slightly different fees.
  • Additional fees:
    • Infrastructural Development: N50,000 (paid once)
    • Registration: N20,000 (paid once)
    • Medical and ICT training, student pack, and parents form: N75,000
    • Library Development and Turnitin fees: N20,000 (might vary)

How much is Caleb University hostel fees?

The hostel fees also vary depending on the room type and facilities. Here’s an estimate from the previous year:

  • Smallest room: N95,000 per semester
  • Largest room: N145,000 per semester

What are the school fees for Caleb University 2024 2025 session?

As mentioned earlier, the official fees haven’t been announced yet. The university usually releases them in September. You can check their website (https://www.calebuniversity.edu.ng/) or contact the admissions office for updates.

Is Caleb still offering admission?

Yes, Caleb University is still offering admission for the 2024/2025 session. However, the application deadline for Early Bird admission has passed. You can still apply for the Regular admission, but keep in mind the deadline might be approaching soon.

Can I enter Caleb without JAMB?

No, JAMB is mandatory for admission to all Nigerian universities, including Caleb University. They might offer alternative entry for international students or specific programs, but JAMB is generally required.


In conclusion, the variety of scholarships provided by Caleb University offers an excellent platform for aspiring students to pursue their educational goals without the burden of financial constraints. By seizing these opportunities, students can fully devote themselves to their studies and personal development without the worry of tuition costs.

If you believe you satisfy the eligibility criteria, it is highly encouraged to apply. The ultimate key to obtaining a scholarship lies in fulfilling the requirements and submitting a comprehensive, well-thought-out application. Best of luck with your applications and in your journey towards turning your academic aspirations into reality!

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