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Cheap Schools and Universities in Netherlands for Masters Degree and Their School Fees

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The Netherlands is a popular destination for international students seeking a master’s degree. With more than 100 universities and research institutions, the Netherlands offers a wide range of high-quality programs at an affordable price. While tuition fees vary by institution and program, the average cost is significantly lower than in other European countries.

Additionally, there are many scholarships and financial aid options available to help make your studies even more affordable. In this article, we’ll explore the various costs associated with studying for a master’s degree in the Netherlands, as well as the various funding options available.

Affroable Master’s Degree Programs In Netherlands

The Netherlands offers a variety of affordable Master’s degree programs suited to diverse interests and fields of study. Below is a curated list of some noteworthy programs, categorized by their respective universities, designed to guide potential students in making an economical choice for their advanced education:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Biology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Climate Physics
  • Comparative Literary Studies
  • Global Criminology

It’s also recommended to research additional opportunities for scholarships, grants, and financial aid offered by these institutions to further reduce educational expenses. Engaging with current students and alumni through forums or social networks can provide deeper insights into the academic environment and potential outcomes after graduation.

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Cheap Schools and Universities in Netherlands for Masters Degree and Their School Fees

The below are Cheap Schools and Universities in Netherlands for Masters Degree and Their School Fees

1) Radboud University (Nijmegen)

Nestled in the historic and lively city of Nijmegen, Radboud University is celebrated for its robust research environment and a broad spectrum of Master’s degree offerings. This university is distinguished by its dedication to fostering social and cultural advancements, creating an enriching campus life that promotes a supportive and engaging academic community for its students.

Estimated Tuition Fees: €800 and €1,100 per month.

2) University of Twente (Enschede)

The University of Twente, located in the vibrant city of Enschede, sets itself apart with a fusion of technological innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset. Its sprawling campus, celebrated as one of the most picturesque in the Netherlands, is a melting pot of disciplines, encouraging a cross-pollination of ideas among students and faculty. This approach not only enriches the learning experience but also cultivates a culture of innovation and problem-solving.

For EU/EEA students, the annual tuition is approximately €2,168, a figure that aligns with the national standard for higher education. Students from outside the EU/EEA face tuition fees starting at about €9,000 annually, although this can vary significantly depending on the specific Master’s program chosen. It’s important to note that these costs reflect the University’s commitment to making high-quality education accessible while maintaining an outstanding level of academic instruction and resources.

  • Estimated Tuition Fees:  €2,168-  €9,00

3) Utrecht University (Utrecht)

Founded centuries ago, Utrecht University stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation, nestled in the heart of the Netherlands. It prides itself on a diverse range of Master’s programs, spanning from the sciences to the humanities, catering to a wide array of scholarly interests. The university’s historic roots do not prevent it from being at the forefront of research and education, providing students with a rich blend of tradition and modernity.

  • Estimated Tuition Fees:  €2,168-  €6,00

4) Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen)

Situated in the lively city of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS) distinguishes itself through a distinctive approach to learning, blending academic rigor with practical, real-world application. This institution is perfect for students who are not only in pursuit of academic knowledge but also seek to gain hands-on experience that will prepare them for the demands of the global job market.

  • Estimated Tuition Fees: €7,500 to €15,000


How Much Does a Master’s Degree Cost in the Netherlands?

Generally speaking, a master’s degree in the Netherlands will cost between €8,000 and €30,000. However, there is a wide range of programs and institutions, so the cost can vary significantly. For example, tuition fees at top universities like the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam can be up to €20,000 per year. On the other hand, smaller universities or colleges may have lower fees. 

 Which University is the Cheapest in the Netherlands?

In terms of tuition fees, the cheapest university in the Netherlands is the Open University, with fees starting at just €2,168 per year. However, it’s important to note that the Open University is a distance learning institution, so you’ll need to factor in additional costs like books and study materials. Other affordable universities include Fontys University of Applied Sciences, which charges around €6,000 per year, and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, which charges around €7,500 per year.

Cost for International Students to Study in the Netherlands:

International students should expect to pay between €8,000 and €30,000 per year for a master’s degree in the Netherlands. However, there are a number of scholarships and financial aid options available to help offset these costs. For example, the Dutch government offers the Orange Tulip Scholarship, which covers up to 50% of tuition fees. 

Is a Master’s Degree Free in the Netherlands for International Students?

No, Master’s degrees are not entirely free for international students in the Netherlands. However, public universities offer significantly lower tuition fees compared to many other countries. There might be scholarships or financial aid programs that can help reduce costs.

Bank Balance Requirement for Netherlands Student Visa:

The required bank balance for a Netherlands student visa can vary depending on your situation. Generally, you’ll need to show proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses for the duration of your studies. This amount is currently around €1,120 per month (approx. US$1,180). It’s advisable to check the latest requirement with the Dutch Immigration authorities.


In conclusion, the Netherlands is a great option for international students seeking a master’s degree. With many affordable and high-quality programs available, there’s something for everyone. In addition to the cost of tuition, students should also consider the cost of living and other expenses. However, with the right planning and research, a master’s degree in the Netherlands can be an affordable and rewarding experience. If you’re interested in learning more about the Netherlands and its universities, be sure to explore the many resources available online.

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