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Fully Funded Åland Scholarships 2024/2025

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The Fully Funded Åland Scholarships have opened doors to a world of opportunities for deserving scholars who seek to enrich their knowledge in the serene and culturally diverse surroundings of the Åland Islands. 

The Åland Islands is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and world-class education. Here, several institutions offer scholarships to deserving students. If you’re excited about this opportunity, let’s delve into the details to find out more.

Åland Peace Fellowship

The Åland Peace Fellowship is not your traditional scholarship. It provides more than just funding for education. It’s a place where scholars from all over the world come together to learn and share their knowledge and perspectives in order to promote global peace. The fellowship is a beacon of opportunity and unity that transcends boundaries and brings people together for a common cause. To be eligible for the fellowship, one must meet certain criteria that will be outlined in the application process.


  • Open to researchers in peace studies, international law, political science, or other relevant fields.
  • Preference given to applicants whose research focuses on sustainability issues in territorial autonomies, including autonomous islands.
  • Strong academic record and research potential are essential.

Application process:

  • Applications are usually accepted in the first quarter of the year (January-March).
  • Check the Åland Islands Peace Institute website for updates on the next application deadline and details: https://peace.ax/en/
  • Applications typically require a research proposal, CV, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

If your dream is to merge your academic pursuits with making a real difference in the world, the Åland Peace Fellowship is the stepping stone you’ve been seeking. Embrace the chance to not only further your education but to be part of a grand movement, inspiring and impacting positive change globally.

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Scholarships at Åland University of Applied Sciences

Nestled in the heart of the tranquil Åland Islands, the Åland University of Applied Sciences, affectionately known as Högskolan på Åland, stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to providing top-tier education to deserving students worldwide.  

Application process:

  • Application deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program. Generally, they fall around the same time as program applications.
  • Applications typically require an application form, academic transcripts, a motivational letter, and sometimes letters of recommendation.
  • Check the university’s website for specific scholarship details and application procedures: https://www.ha.ax/en/exchange-students/important-information-for-exchange-students/


  • Reduce or eliminate tuition fees, making studying at ÅUA more affordable.
  • Attract high-caliber international students, enhancing the university’s academic environment.
  • Recognize and reward student achievements and financial hardships.

So why wait? Take the leap and seize this opportunity to elevate your education at Högskolan på Åland. This journey promises to be as academically enriching as it is personally rewarding. As you weave your narrative within the scholarly tapestry of this esteemed institution, you’re not just earning a degree – you’re shaping your future.

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How do I get a full scholarship in Finland?

While there are a few fully-funded scholarships in Finland, securing one can be highly competitive. Here are some tips to increase your chances:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence: Maintain strong grades throughout your studies and highlight any academic achievements like awards or publications.
  • Focus on research potential: Showcase your research skills and experience relevant to your chosen field in Finland.
  • Craft compelling applications: Write a strong motivation letter explaining your educational goals and how studying in Finland aligns with them.
  • Meet all eligibility criteria: Carefully review the specific requirements of each scholarship program you apply for.
  • Start early: Research and apply for scholarships well in advance of deadlines.

How to apply for Finland Government scholarship 2024?

The Finland Government Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that is administered by the Finnish National Agency for Education. To apply, you will need to submit an online application through the Studyinfo.fi website. The application process typically includes providing information about your educational background, work experience, and motivation for studying in Finland. You will also need to submit documents such as your transcripts, a CV, and language test scores. 

Who is eligible for Finland scholarship 2024?

While specific eligibility criteria may vary across programs, the Finland Government Scholarships are generally open to:

  • Non-EU/EEA students applying for Master’s programs at participating Finnish universities.
  • Students with excellent academic records and strong research potential.
  • Students whose chosen field of study aligns with Finland’s research priorities.

How much is the Finland scholarship?

The Finland Government Scholarships cover:

  • Full tuition fees for the first year of your Master’s program.
  • A monthly stipend of €5000 for living expenses.
  • Potential relocation grant of €5000 (upon request).

How much bank statement is required for Finland student visa?

The required amount for your bank statement will depend on the length of your study program and living expenses in Finland. Typically, you need to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your living costs for the entire period of your studies. This could be around €850-€1200 per month. Consult the Finnish Immigration Service website for official requirements: https://migri.fi/en/home


Seize this moment, embrace the opportunity, and let your educational journey on the Åland Islands be the beginning of a chapter that leaves indelible imprints on the canvas of your life. The door is open, the path is set. All that remains is for you to take that bold step forward. Will you?

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