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Fully Funded Andaman and Nicobar Islands Scholarships 2024/2025

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Are you dreaming of a fully funded scholarship that will take you to the tropical paradise of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? If so, you’re in luck! There are several scholarships available that can make your dream a reality. 

These scholarships are offered by the Indian government and international organizations, and they cover all the costs associated with studying in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So, whether you’re interested in marine biology, sustainability, or any other field, there’s a scholarship for you!

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Merit Scholarships

Taking center stage among the wealth of educational opportunities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the illustrious Merit Scholarships. 


  • Academic Performance: Minimum of 90% aggregate marks in Class VII examinations.
  • Nationality: Must be an Indian citizen.
  • Age Limit: No specific age limit, but awarded to Class VIII students.
  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands Bonus: Students from the Andaman & Nicobar Islands receive an additional 5% weightage on their score.

Application Process:

  • Application Window: Typically opens in November through the Ministry of Education’s designated portal (https://scholarships.gov.in/).
  • Application Requirements: Complete online application form, academic mark sheets, student information, and any required certificates (e.g., domicile certificate for Andaman & Nicobar Islands bonus).
  • Selection Process: Based on a two-stage competitive exam format:
    • National Level Written Test (NLWT): Held in December, consisting of Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
    • State Level Screening Test (SLST): Conducted by respective state boards in February, testing subjects studied in Class IX.

The scholarship generously covers the gamut of educational expenses, from tuition fees to accommodation costs. So, if you’re a student with an academic record that stands out, this could be the golden ticket to propel your educational journey forward, free from financial constraints.

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Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minority Students

As part of the prime minister’s 15-point program aimed at uplifting minorities, the government introduced the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme. This initiative holds the torch of hope for students belonging to minority communities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, lighting up their path to higher education. By significantly easing the financial pressure associated with college and university studies, this scheme opens the doors wide to countless opportunities.

Who is eligible?

  • Students from minority communities: Defined as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, and Jain communities.
  • Academic merit: Minimum of 50% marks in the previous final examination.
  • Financial need: Annual income of parents/guardian from all sources must not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.
  • Domicile requirement: Must be a permanent resident of a state/union territory in India.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Tuition fees: Full reimbursement of tuition fees for approved courses.
  • Maintenance allowance: Monthly stipend for living expenses, varying based on course and location.
  • Hostel charges: Reimbursement of hostel fees for students residing in approved hostels.
  • Study materials: Assistance with purchasing essential textbooks and stationary.
  • Additional benefits: Some states offer additional benefits like travel allowances and scholarships for specific professional courses.

So, if you’re a student from a minority community residing in the picturesque Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this could be the break you’ve been waiting for. The Post Matric Scholarship Scheme isn’t just a financial boost, it’s a celebration of diversity and an investment in the future leaders of our nation.  

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Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

It aims to encourage and reward the brightest minds from across the country, including the tranquil Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This scholarship is exclusively accessible for those exceptional students who’ve showcased outstanding performance in their 12th standard board exams, achieving a stunning score in the top 20 percent of their class.

Who is eligible?

  • Indian citizens: Open to students who are Indian citizens.
  • Academic merit: Minimum of 80% marks in the previous final examination for graduation level and 75% for post-graduation.
  • Financial need: Annual income of parents/guardian from all sources must not exceed Rs. 4.50 lakh.
  • Course and institute: Applicable to regular full-time courses in recognized colleges and universities across India.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Tuition fees: Full reimbursement of tuition fees for approved courses.
  • Maintenance allowance: Up to Rs. 12,000 per annum for the first three years of graduation and Rs. 20,000 per annum for the fourth and fifth years, and for the entire duration of post-graduation.

How to apply:

Are you one of those extraordinary students who’ve surpassed the 80 percentile mark in their board exams? If yes, then this could be your opportunity to turn the tides in your favor. Take advantage of this scheme to fuel your academic ambitions, and chart a course to a brighter, more promising future.

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How can I get a free scholarship in India?

India offers a range of scholarships that can be fully or partially funded, depending on the specific program. To get a free scholarship in India, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria for the particular scholarship you are applying for.

For example, the Indian Government Scholarship for International Students is available to students from developing countries, while the National Scholarship Portal is available to Indian students. Additionally, many universities in India offer their own scholarships, so it’s worth doing some research to see what’s available. 

Is there any scholarship for foreign students in India?

Absolutely! Several scholarships are available for international students to pursue studies in India. Some notable examples include:

You can explore these websites and others like https://scholarshipinindia.com.bd/ to discover more options depending on your country and field of study.

Who is eligible for scholarships in India?

Eligibility varies for each scholarship, but some common eligibility criteria include:

  • Academic merit: High academic performance in previous examinations.
  • Financial need: Demonstrating income levels below specific thresholds.
  • Caste/community: Certain scholarships cater to specific communities or disadvantaged groups.
  • Field of study: Some scholarships support particular academic domains or research areas.
  • Nationality: Some scholarships are exclusively for Indian citizens, while others are open to international students.

Always check the specific eligibility criteria for each scholarship you’re interested in.

How many scholarships can a student get in India?

There’s no fixed limit, but it’s generally advisable to focus on applying for relevant scholarships with strong chances of success. Spreading your applications too thin can decrease your overall chances. However, you can apply for multiple scholarships that don’t have conflicting terms and conditions.

Which scholarship gives the most money in India?

The scholarship amount varies depending on the program, funding source, and individual circumstances. Some prestigious scholarships like Prime Minister’s Research Fellows Scheme can offer substantial financial support, while others focus on covering tuition fees or offering smaller stipends.

It’s more practical to prioritize finding scholarships aligned with your needs and academic goals instead of chasing the highest monetary value. Remember, the real benefit of a scholarship is the ability to pursue your education without financial constraints.


Embarking on the journey of higher education can be challenging, especially when financial constraints create barriers. But, as we have seen, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are teeming with scholarship opportunities designed to break down these walls.

From the Merit Scholarships that celebrate academic excellence, the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Post Matric Scholarship that supports students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, to the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship that rewards top-performing students nationwide, there’s a wealth of opportunity awaiting those who dare to dream. The government’s commitment to fostering education is clear, extending a helping hand to minority communities through the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme. 

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