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Fully Funded Bulgaria Scholarships 2024/2025

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If you’re considering studying in Bulgaria, you’re in for a treat! Bulgaria offers a wide range of fully funded scholarships for international students, making it an attractive option for those looking to pursue higher education. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and even travel costs, allowing students from all over the world to have a seamless educational experience in this beautiful Eastern European country. 

Whether you’re interested in the arts, sciences, or business, Bulgaria has a scholarship for you. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various fully funded Bulgaria scholarships available and provide you with the information you need to apply. So, get ready to embark on an exciting educational journey in Bulgaria!

Varna Free University Scholarship

If you’re looking for a fully funded scholarship to study in Bulgaria, the Varna Free University Scholarship is worth considering. This scholarship offers a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue their education in a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. 


  • Academic Excellence Scholarship: Open to international students with outstanding academic achievements, demonstrated through:
    • High school or university transcripts with excellent grades (typically, a minimum GPA of 4.0 or equivalent)
    • Standardized test scores like SAT, ACT, or IELTS (if required by the specific program)
    • Academic awards and achievements in competitions or research projects

Application Process:

  1. Choose your desired scholarship: Carefully research the available scholarships and identify the ones that best align with your academic profile and achievements.
  2. Review the eligibility criteria: Ensure you meet all the requirements for the scholarship(s) you are interested in.
  3. Prepare the required documents: Gather the necessary documents, typically including:
    • Completed scholarship application form
    • Academic transcripts
    • Standardized test scores (if applicable)
    • Letters of recommendation
    • Essays outlining your academic goals, achievements, and motivations for receiving the scholarship
    • Proof of English language proficiency (if required)
    • Portfolio or additional documents specific to the scholarship (e.g., sports certificates for the Sports Scholarship)
  4. Submit your application: Submit your complete application package before the deadline to the Varna Free University admissions office, either online through the university portal or by mail.
  5. Selection process: The scholarship committee will review all applications and select recipients based on their academic merit, achievements, alignment with the scholarship criteria, and the strength of their application materials.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain valuable international experience at Varna Free University!

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Bulgarian Government Scholarship

The Bulgarian Government Scholarship provides a unique chance to study at some of the top universities in Bulgaria and experience the rich history and culture of the country. With this scholarship, you can immerse yourself in a diverse learning environment and build valuable connections with fellow students and professors.


To be eligible for the Bulgarian Government Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with Bulgaria (check the official list for specific countries).
  • Not be a citizen of the European Union (EU) or Switzerland.
  • Hold a valid secondary school diploma or equivalent qualification.
  • Meet the specific academic requirements for your chosen field of study and degree level.
  • Be in good health and have no criminal record.

Application Process:

The application process for the Bulgarian Government Scholarship is competitive, and it’s crucial to follow the instructions carefully. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Choose your program and university: Research universities and programs offered in Bulgaria and select those that align with your academic interests and career goals.
  2. Contact the relevant Bulgarian embassy or consulate: Each embassy or consulate handles applications for specific countries or regions. They will provide you with detailed information about the application process and required documents.
  3. Prepare your application documents: Typically, you’ll need to submit:
    • Completed application form
    • Academic transcripts and diplomas
    • Standardized test scores (if required)
    • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
    • Letter of motivation explaining your academic goals and reasons for applying
    • Medical certificate
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Proof of English language proficiency (if required)
  4. Submit your application: Submit your complete application package to the relevant Bulgarian embassy or consulate before the deadline.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, sciences, or business, the Bulgarian Government Scholarship offers a range of study options to suit your interests. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to further your education and gain valuable international experience in Bulgaria!

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OppU Achievers Scholarship

If you’re looking for a scholarship that not only supports your education but also recognizes your achievements and potential, then the OppU Achievers Scholarship is perfect for you! This scholarship program is designed to empower students who have overcome obstacles and shown resilience in their academic journey. 


To be eligible for the OppU Achievers Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrollment status: Be an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a postgraduate student.
  • Study location: Attend a university, a four-year college, a two-year college, or a vocational-tech school.
  • Study mode: Enroll full-time in your chosen program.
  • GPA requirement: Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (equivalent international grading systems may also be accepted).

Application Process:

The application process for the OppU Achievers Scholarship is relatively straightforward:

  1. Submit your application online: The scholarship has a dedicated online application platform where you can provide your basic information, academic details, and essay response.
  2. Compose a compelling essay: The key element of your application is the essay response. The prompt typically asks you to demonstrate how you have transformed opportunity into results in your life. This is your chance to showcase your achievements, initiative, and ability to overcome challenges. Use vivid examples, showcase your passion, and connect your experiences to your future academic goals.
  3. Submit your application by the deadline: The OppU Achievers Scholarship has four application deadlines throughout the year: September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30. Make sure to submit your application well before the deadline to avoid missing out.

By applying for the OppU Achievers Scholarship, you can receive financial assistance to cover your tuition fees and living expenses, allowing you to focus on your studies and pursue your passions without the burden of financial stress.  

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American University in Bulgaria Scholarships

The American University in Bulgaria is renowned for its world-class faculty and diverse community, providing you with a unique educational experience.

Full Tuition Scholarships:

  • AUBG Distinguished Scholarship: Awarded to exceptional students from Bulgaria, the Balkans, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Mongolia) based on academic merit and demonstrated potential. Requires application by the Priority Admission deadline.

Partial Tuition Scholarships:

  • Payhawk Scholarship: One 2,300 EUR scholarship for the first year of study available to a new AUBG student with a high school CGPA of 5.50 and 100 TOEFL (or equivalent).
  • United Bulgarian Bank Distinguished Scholarship: Four scholarships of 2,500 EUR each for the first year of study, based on both academic merit and financial need. Preference given to entering Bulgarian students.

Apply for the American University in Bulgaria Scholarships today and take your education to new heights!

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no magic formula for securing a 100% scholarship, but a combination of factors can significantly increase your chances:

  • Academic excellence: Maintain a high GPA, excel in standardized tests, and showcase academic awards and achievements.
  • Demonstrated potential: Participate in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, research projects, or community service, demonstrating passion and initiative.
  • Tailored applications: Research specific scholarships, highlight relevant strengths and achievements, and craft compelling essays explaining your goals and motivations.
  • Early application: Start early to avoid last-minute stress and ensure your application is complete.
  • Financial need: For need-based scholarships, provide accurate documentation and clearly explain your financial circumstances.
  • Unique story: Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your personality, experiences, and unique perspectives.

Remember, competition for full scholarships is fierce, so diligence, persistence, and applying to multiple relevant programs can enhance your chances.

Which country is easiest to get full scholarship?

There’s no single “easiest” country, as scholarship availability and competition vary depending on your academic field, nationality, and specific program. However, several countries offer generous scholarship programs for international students:

  • Germany: DAAD Scholarships, Deutschlandstipendium
  • Norway: Quota Scholarships, Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
  • Sweden: Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  • Netherlands: Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme, Holland Scholarship
  • Singapore: Singapore Government Scholarships, ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Bulgaria: Bulgarian Government Scholarship (full tuition, stipend, health insurance)

These are just a few examples, and thorough research is crucial to identify the best options for your profile and goals.

What is the Bulgarian Government Scholarship?

The Bulgarian Government Scholarship is a comprehensive program offering international students:

  • Full tuition coverage for undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies in Bulgaria.
  • Monthly stipend to support living expenses.
  • Basic health insurance for peace of mind throughout your studies.
  • Optional preparatory Bulgarian language course to facilitate integration.

To be eligible, you must hold a valid secondary school diploma, meet specific academic requirements for your chosen field, and be in good health. Applications are submitted through Bulgarian embassies or consulates.

What is the fully funded scholarship in Estonia?

Estonia offers several fully-funded scholarship options, including:

  • Archimedes International Study Programme: Supports outstanding international students pursuing Master’s or Doctoral degrees in specific STEM fields.
  • Target Groups Scholarship: Available to students from selected countries pursuing degrees in priority fields like engineering, natural sciences, and information technology.
  • Estonian Government Scholarships: Funding opportunities for international students at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in various disciplines.

Check the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research website for detailed information and eligibility criteria for these and other scholarship programs.

What is the Belgium full funded scholarship?

Belgium boasts several scholarship programs for international students, but specifics like full funding depend on the chosen program and scholarship provider. Some promising options include:

  • VLIR-UOS Scholarships: Offered by the Flemish Universities and Colleges Council, supporting students from developing countries in pursuing Master’s or Doctoral degrees in specific fields.
  • ARF Scholarships: Available through the Belgian Federal Government for postgraduate studies in research areas linked to Belgian development cooperation.
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: European Union-funded program offering scholarships for international students pursuing integrated Master’s programs at Belgian universities.

Explore university websites, and scholarship databases like ScholarshipsOnline.org, and the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development Cooperation for comprehensive information on various scholarship opportunities in Belgium.


In summary, Bulgaria offers a wealth of fully funded scholarships for international students seeking to further their education and gain valuable international experience. From the Varna Free University Scholarship to the Bulgarian Government Scholarship, there are numerous opportunities to study in this beautiful Eastern European country without the burden of financial stress.

Additionally, the Eastern European Study Abroad Scholarships and OppU Achievers Scholarship provide even more options for students looking to explore different cultures and receive recognition for their achievements. Lastly, the American University in Bulgaria Scholarships offer a prestigious academic experience in a diverse and supportive community. By taking advantage of these fully funded Bulgaria scholarships, you can embark on an exciting educational journey and broaden your horizons. So don’t hesitate to apply and begin your international education in Bulgaria today!

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