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Fully Funded Kenya Scholarships 2024/2025

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Are you a Kenyan student looking to further your education and broaden your horizons? You might be interested in the range of fully funded scholarships available for students in Kenya. 

These scholarships can provide you with the financial support you need to pursue your studies and reach your full potential. From undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, there’s a scholarship to fit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the possibilities and make your dream of higher education a reality!

MINDS 2024 Scholarship Programme for African Students (Fully-funded)

The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) 2023 Scholarship Programme provides a golden ticket to aspiring African students, including those from Kenya, seeking higher education. 

Who can apply?

  • Nationals of any African country currently residing in any African country.
  • Enrolled in a full-time study of a one or two-year Honors or Master’s degree at one of the MINDS preferred institutions.
  • Individuals with a Pan-African outlook, demonstrated leadership ability, and an excellent academic record.
  • Have obtained relevant bachelor’s degree from recognized universities required for admission into any of the MINDS preferred institutions.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Full tuition fees at the chosen MINDS preferred institution.
  • Monthly living allowance to cover your basic expenses.
  • Health insurance for the duration of your studies.
  • Travel allowance

Aspiring students, this one is for you! The MINDS scholarship provides a full ride for those willing to reach for the stars. This comprehensive award not only covers all tuition fees and living expenses, but it also offers a unique leadership development program.  

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UNESCO 2024 Kulturweit Tandem Program

Kenyan students, it’s time to embark on a journey of discovery with the UNESCO 2024 Kulturweit Tandem Program! This unique program allows you to study in Germany, surrounded by the rich culture and history of the country. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and skills, but you’ll also immerse yourself in a dynamic cross-cultural exchange.


  • Young people aged 18-26 from Cameroon, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, or Togo.
  • Strong interest in social justice and intercultural dialogue.
  • Good English and German language skills (basic German language skills are sufficient for the start of the program).


  • Fully funded participation, including travel, accommodation, and living expenses.
  • A chance to make a real difference in the fight against racism and discrimination.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Unforgettable cultural experiences.

Application deadline:

  • Applications for the 2024 program close on February 15, 2024.

So, if you’re ready for an adventure, the UNESCO 2023 Kulturweit Tandem Program could be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for. This isn’t just about academics – it’s about growth, discovery, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Pack your intellectual curiosity and cultural open-mindedness, and get ready for an exciting academic journey ahead!

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USIU-Africa 2024 Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for Undergraduate Students

The 2024 Scholars Program, a result of the commendable partnership between United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) and the Mastercard Foundation, could be the academic lifeline you’ve been dreaming of. 

Who can apply?

  • Young Africans: Aged 18-29 years old, from any African country.
  • Academic achievers: Demonstrating strong academic performance in high school.
  • Financially challenged: Facing financial constraints that limit access to higher education.
  • Diverse backgrounds: Applicants from diverse backgrounds, including refugees, internally displaced persons, and those with disabilities, are strongly encouraged to apply.

What does the program offer?

  • Full-ride scholarship: Covers tuition fees, accommodation, meals, medical insurance, and a stipend for living expenses.
  • Holistic support: Mentorship, career guidance, leadership training, and access to extracurricular activities.
  • Global network: Connect with fellow scholars and build a strong network for your future career.
  • World-class education: Study at a prestigious university with a focus on African development and global citizenship.

Open exclusively to undergraduate students in Kenya, this fully funded scholarship aims to create future leaders of Africa by providing a robust academic and leadership framework. Your tuition and other educational costs? Consider them paid.  

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AfricaLics 2024 PhD Visiting Fellowship Program for African PhD Students

If your academic journey has taken you to the world of PhD research, particularly in the fields of innovation and development, the AfricaLics 2023 PhD Visiting Fellowship Program could be just the opportunity you need. This program is unique, offering a fully funded research visit for up to five months at a prestigious host institution. 

Who can apply?

  • Enrolled PhD students at African universities: You must have completed your first year of studies by December 2023.
  • Background in relevant fields: Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Science & Technology Policy, Geography, History, or Development Studies.
  • Demonstrated academic excellence: Strong grades and standardized test scores are important.
  • Research focus on Innovation and Development: Your research should be relevant to the program’s themes.

What does the program offer?

  • Online activities: Introductory workshops, skills training, and seminars on Innovation and Development.
  • Potential study visit: A three-month visit to a host university in Africa (funding dependent).
  • Mentorship: Connect with experienced scholars and researchers in your field.
  • Networking opportunities: Build relationships with fellow PhD students and academics.
  • Funding: A scholarship covering travel, accommodation, and living expenses during the program.

But this isn’t just about financial support. This is an opportunity to tap into the expertise of seasoned academics, who will mentor and guide you as you further your research. Imagine immersing yourself in a research-rich environment, all expenses paid, honing your skills, and deepening your understanding of your chosen field. 

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How can I get a scholarship to study in Kenya?

There are several ways to get a scholarship to study in Kenya. Here are some options:

  • Government Scholarships:
  • International Scholarships:
    • Organizations like Mastercard Foundation, DAAD, Aga Khan Foundation offer scholarships for African students, potentially in Kenyan universities.
    • Research universities worldwide may offer scholarships for specific programs or fields of study.
  • Private Scholarships:
    • Foundations, charitable organizations, and corporations may offer scholarships for Kenyan students. Research online databases like Scholarships365, The Scholarship Hub, or Kenya Education Directory.
  • Need-Based Aid:
    • Some universities in Kenya offer financial aid based on demonstrated financial need. Contact the financial aid office of your preferred university for details.

How do you get a fully-funded scholarship?

Fully-funded scholarships are competitive, but there are ways to increase your chances:

  • Excel academically: Maintain high grades and perform well on standardized tests.
  • Demonstrate research potential: Highlight relevant research experience and academic achievements.
  • Craft a compelling application: Showcase your motivation, skills, and future career goals in your application materials.
  • Meet program-specific requirements: Some scholarships have additional criteria like work experience or specific field of study.
  • Seek guidance: Consult with academic advisors or scholarship program contacts for advice and support.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

There’s no “easiest” country, as fully-funded scholarships are competitive everywhere. However, some countries like Germany, Norway, and Sweden offer numerous government-funded scholarships. Research opportunities based on your field of study and nationality.

How to get government sponsorship in Kenya?

Government scholarships in Kenya are awarded through the Ministry of Education and Science. Check their website for current programs and application details: https://scholarships365.info/kazakhstan-scholarships-study-in-kazakhstan-fully-funded-kazakhstan-government-scholarship: https://scholarships365.info/kazakhstan-scholarships-study-in-kazakhstan-fully-funded-kazakhstan-government-scholarship.

Who qualifies for government scholarship in Kenya?

Eligibility criteria for Kenyan government scholarships vary depending on the program. Typically, you must be:

  • Kenyan citizen
  • Meet academic requirements (e.g., minimum GPA)
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Eligible for chosen field of study

Remember, diligently researching opportunities, preparing strong applications, and meeting eligibility requirements are key to securing a scholarship in Kenya. Good luck!


Whether your aspirations lie in cultivating your leadership potential, exploring a different culture, delving deep into research, or gaining support in your undergraduate journey, there’s a scholarship tailored to your needs. Each scholarship is a stepping stone towards your academic dream and an opportunity to shape a brighter future not just for yourself, but for your community and continent.

The road ahead may be challenging, but remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Embrace the opportunities, the learnings, and the challenges, and let them shape you into the leader of tomorrow. Remember, the journey starts with a single step. Let these scholarships be your first step towards a world filled with boundless possibilities. Here’s to your future — may it be as bright and promising as your dreams!

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