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Fully Funded Palestine Scholarships 2024/2025

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Available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies, the Palestine State Scholarships cover tuition fees and a range of other expenses. In addition to financial support, the scholarships also provide academic guidance and networking opportunities to help you succeed in your chosen field.

So, don’t let your dreams be derailed by financial limitations. With these scholarships, you can fulfill your academic potential and thrive in your chosen field. Your future starts here!

Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarships.

These are fully funded scholarships designed to assist talented Palestinian students with their postgraduate studies in any discipline provided by the university. The scholarships are awarded purely on the merit of academic excellence. 

Who is eligible?

  • First year of full-time or part-time PhD: Your scholarship would start with your PhD program.
  • Strong academic merit and research potential: Showcasing a stellar academic record and research interests aligned with the College’s strengths is crucial.
  • Already secured an offer: You must have an offer for a PhD program within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences before applying.

What does the scholarship cover?

  • Full tuition fees: The scholarship covers the entire cost of your tuition at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Annual stipend: You will receive a generous stipend (currently £18,622 for full-time students and pro-rata for part-time) to cover living expenses.
  • Subject to satisfactory progress: The scholarship is renewable for 3.5 years (or pro-rata for part-time) as long as you meet academic and research progress expectations.

What’s the application process?

  • Contact your academic school: Once you have an offer for a PhD program, reach out to your academic school regarding EDCS deadlines and application procedures.
  • Application deadline: Deadlines vary depending on your program, so check with your school for specific dates.
  • Required documents: Prepare documentation including transcripts, research proposal, CV, and letters of recommendation.
  • Selection process: Applications are rigorously reviewed based on academic merit, research potential, and alignment with the College’s priorities.

And what’s on offer? A comprehensive package covering your full tuition fees, a comfortable maintenance allowance, and a research budget for those all-important resources and fieldwork.  

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Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Competition.

With the support of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Competition, Palestinian students have the chance to turn their tech innovations into reality. So, don’t hesitate to enter and showcase your talent. The competition is a springboard for success, offering a platform to connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts and leading industry professionals. With hard work and dedication, you could be the next big name in tech! 

What are the benefits?

  • Showcase your talent on a global stage: Gain international recognition for your project and compete with peers from around the world.
  • Win exclusive prizes: The top teams take home cash prizes, mentorship opportunities, and access to cutting-edge technology. The winning team even receives a mentorship session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!
  • Develop valuable skills: Hone your technical expertise, collaboration skills, and entrepreneurial mindset through the competition process.
  • Network with industry leaders: Connect with Microsoft experts, mentors, and potential investors, building valuable connections for your future career.

How to participate?

  1. Form your team: Gather your passionate and tech-savvy friends to brainstorm and develop your solution.
  2. Choose your challenge: Select the challenge that aligns best with your team’s interests and skills.
  3. Develop your AI-powered solution: Use Microsoft Azure and other tools to build a creative and impactful project that addresses the chosen challenge.
  4. Register your team: Submit your application outlining your solution and highlighting your team’s unique strengths.
  5. Compete and shine: Participate in regional and global rounds, demonstrating your innovation and passion to the judges.

Winners receive fully funded scholarships, alongside mentorship, networking opportunities, and seed funding. This isn’t just about winning a competition, but creating a springboard for a career in technology.  

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New to GCU Undergraduate Student Scholarship.

For Palestinian students seeking to study in the UK, the ‘New to GCU’ scholarship is a beacon of hope. With a focus on supporting students from low-income backgrounds, the scholarship could open doors to a world of new opportunities. So, don’t let financial constraints stand in your way. Apply to Glasgow Caledonian University and seize the chance to study at one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions. 

Types of Scholarships:

  • Campus Scholarships: These are automatically awarded to eligible students upon admission based on academic merit and other factors. No separate application is needed.
  • Foundation Scholarships: GCU Foundation offers various need-based and merit-based scholarships with specific application deadlines.
  • External Scholarships: GCU also highlights external scholarship opportunities from diverse organizations and institutions.

Eligibility for Campus Scholarships:

  • Academic Excellence: Typically require a high GPA (e.g., 3.0 or higher) in your previous studies.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Meeting minimum scores on SAT, ACT, or other required tests may be beneficial.
  • Early Application: Applying early often increases your chances of receiving a scholarship.
  • Residency and Citizenship: Some scholarships may have specific residency or citizenship requirements.

This award covers not just your full tuition fees but also takes care of your accommodation and living expenses throughout your course. 

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

While securing full funding is fantastic, some scholarships may require additional funding sources. Here are some tips to maximize your chances:

  • Apply to multiple scholarships: Don’t rely on one application. Increase your chances by applying to various programs with compatible deadlines.
  • Showcase financial need: Demonstrate your inability to self-fund your studies.
  • Highlight community impact: Showcase how your studies will contribute positively to your home country or chosen field.
  • Research funding opportunities: Explore grant and loan programs, teaching assistantships, and work-study options as supplemental sources.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

There’s no single “easiest” country, as opportunities vary based on:

  • Your background and country of origin: Some scholarships target specific regions or nationalities.
  • Your academic field: Different countries prioritize diverse areas.
  • Program competitiveness: The prestige and available funding influence application difficulty.

However, countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Canada offer numerous fully-funded scholarships for international students. Research programs relevant to your field and eligibility criteria for specific countries.

What is the St Andrews scholarship for Palestine?

Unfortunately, “St Andrews scholarship for Palestine” is quite broad. To provide a precise answer, I need more information like the scholarship’s official name, awarding body, or target field of study. Knowing these details allows me to identify the specific scholarship and provide tailored information.

Are there fully funded scholarships?

Yes, many fully funded scholarships exist. Some popular examples include:

  • Fulbright Scholarships: Funded by the US government for research or postgraduate studies in the US.
  • Chevening Scholarships: Funded by the UK government for postgraduate studies in the UK.
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme: Offers full funding for postgraduate studies at top universities worldwide.
  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program: Provides full funding for development-related studies at prestigious universities.

Remember, even scholarship programs advertised as “full funding” may not cover all expenses like travel or personal costs. Carefully review program details and budget accordingly.

Which country gives full scholarships?

Several countries offer an abundance of scholarships for international students. Some notable examples include:

  • Germany: DAAD Scholarship Program, numerous university-specific scholarships.
  • United States: Fulbright Scholarships, various university programs, private scholarships.
  • China: Chinese Government Scholarship Program, Belt and Road Initiative scholarships.
  • Australia: Australia-Awards Scholarships, various university programs.

It’s crucial to research scholarships aligned with your field and desired study level within these countries.



In sum, the fully funded Palestine State Scholarships open doors to unparalleled opportunities for Palestinian students. They break down financial barriers, making it possible for ambitious students to further their education and thrive in their respective fields. These scholarships present global exposure, providing a platform to learn and grow in world-renowned institutions. Whether you’re a tech whiz, a cultural enthusiast, an academic achiever, or an undergraduate aiming to study in the UK, there’s a scholarship out there for you. It’s about much more than financial support—it’s about nurturing your potential, broadening your horizons, and setting you on a path to success. So gear up, and get ready to make the most of these incredible opportunities—the journey to achieving your academic dreams starts here!

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