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Fully Funded Rwanda Scholarships 2024/2025

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For those seeking to broaden their horizons, there’s no better place to start than the Land of a Thousand Hills. And what better way to experience all that Rwanda has to offer than with a fully funded scholarship? With its rich culture, thriving economy, and stunning natural beauty, Rwanda is a destination unlike any other. So, let’s explore the many scholarship opportunities available to make your dreams of studying in Rwanda a reality.

Fully Funded Savvy Global Fellowship for Aspiring and Early-stage Entrepreneurs

If you have a burning desire to build something from the ground up, the Savvy Global Fellowship could be the key to unlocking your potential. With its tailored approach to supporting entrepreneurs, it provides the perfect combination of resources and support to help you succeed. So, take the leap and apply for this life-changing opportunity. Your future self will thank you for it.


  • Full funding: The program covers all expenses, including tuition, mentorship, access to resources, and even potential travel grants for specific events.
  • Global community: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from over 100 countries, fostering invaluable collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Practical learning: Immerse yourself in interactive workshops, masterclasses, and one-on-one coaching sessions led by industry experts.
  • Tailored support: Access personalized guidance from mentors and advisors who help you navigate your unique entrepreneurial challenges.
  • Impactful focus: Develop sustainable business models that address real-world problems and create positive change.


  • Open to individuals aged 18-40 with a passion for entrepreneurship.
  • No formal academic qualifications required, but a demonstrated commitment to learning and growth is essential.
  • Early-stage or aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea or existing business in its early stages are ideal candidates.

Application Process:

  • Applications run open from February 20th to April 28th of the academic year.
  • Online application through the Savvy Fellows website: [https://savvyfellows.com/]
  • Required documents include essays, project descriptions, letters of recommendation,

Additionally, the Savvy Global Fellowship is known for its emphasis on impact-driven entrepreneurship. 

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ACU Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants

There’s no denying that climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. For those passionate about contributing to the solutions, the ACU Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants offers an extraordinary opportunity. Tailored for Rwandan postgraduate students committed to the climate resilience cause, this grant is more than just financial assistance – it’s a beacon guiding them on their path of research and discovery.


  • Open to: Academic and professional staff at member universities of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).
  • Project focus: Initiatives addressing climate resilience in either of two main strategic priorities:
    • Enhancing the climate resilience of universities themselves.
    • Enhancing universities’ contribution to the resilience of communities, business, and government.
  • Project type: Diverse range of projects, workshops, and events are eligible, such as:
    • Improving learning, teaching, and training for climate change adaptation.
    • Developing virtual exchange or collaboration initiatives.
    • Co-developing learning materials and research partnerships.

Application Process:

  • Application timeline: Runs from February 20th to April 28th of the academic year.
  • Application platform: Online submission through the official ACU Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants website: https://tas.unitbv.ro/: https://tas.unitbv.ro/

With the ACU Commonwealth Climate Resilience Challenge Grants, you are not just a postgraduate student, but a part of a larger movement striving to understand and combat the challenges posed by climate change.  

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Miller Center Investment Readiness Accelerator for Women

The Miller Center Investment Readiness Accelerator for Women is a unique scholarship opportunity that is focused on empowering Rwandan women and propelling them to become tomorrow’s leaders. With full funding, this program is more than just a scholarship. It is a powerful initiative that is aimed at eliminating the gender gap and promoting diversity in leadership roles.


  • Investment readiness training: Gain valuable skills and knowledge to attract investors and secure funding for your business.
  • Expert mentorship: Connect with experienced entrepreneurs and investors who provide personalized guidance and support.
  • Networking opportunities: Build valuable connections with other female entrepreneurs and potential collaborators.
  • Pitching practice: Refine your pitch and confidently present your business to potential investors.
  • Access to resources: Gain exclusive access to funding networks, industry insights, and professional development opportunities.


  • Open to women-led businesses at various stages of development, from early-stage ideas to established companies seeking growth.
  • Focus on innovative and scalable businesses across diverse industries.
  • Strong commitment to learning, growth, and making a positive impact.

Application Process:

  • Application deadlines and specific requirements may vary depending on the program cycle.
  • Typically involves online application forms, essays, and potential video pitch submissions.
  • Demonstrating your passion, business acumen, and potential for growth is key.

The Miller Center Investment Readiness Accelerator for Women is more than a scholarship. It’s a platform for growth, a launching pad for your future, and a stepping stone towards achieving your dreams. If you’re a Rwandan woman with the ambition to lead, this scholarship could be the catalyst that propels you to the forefront of your field.  

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CDRI Fellowship Programme

The CDRI Fellowship Programme is more than just a scholarship. It’s a gateway to an exciting and meaningful career in disaster risk reduction and resilience. You’ll have the chance to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the field, while also making a real difference in the world.


  • Financial support: A 12-month seed grant of up to $15,000 (inclusive of all costs) provides financial stability for research and project development.
  • Capacity development: Fellows participate in workshops, webinars, and mentorship sessions, enhancing their skills and knowledge in disaster resilience.
  • Networking opportunities: The program fosters connections with a global network of experts, peers, and potential collaborators.
  • Recognition and visibility: Successful projects gain recognition through various platforms, boosting the Fellow’s profile and impact.


  • Open to: Individuals from CDRI Member Countries with a strong interest in disaster resilience and infrastructure development.
  • Disciplinary background: Diverse fields like engineering, architecture, economics, social sciences, and disaster management are welcome.
  • Project focus: Proposals addressing real-world challenges related to resilience of different infrastructure sectors (water, energy, transport, etc.) are prioritized.
  • Strong academic record and research experience: Demonstrated capacity for independent research and innovation is crucial.

Moreover, the CDRI Fellowship focuses on developing solutions that are sustainable and inclusive. It encourages research that integrates diverse perspectives and needs, leading to solutions that are as inclusive as they are innovative. As a fellow, you will be instrumental in creating strategies that not only mitigate disasters but also build stronger, more resilient societies.

In essence, the CDRI Fellowship is more than just a scholarship – it’s a platform for change. It’s an invitation for you to make a lasting impact in the field of disaster risk reduction and resilience. It’s a call for you to use your research and ideas to protect communities and build a safer future.

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Securing a 100% scholarship, also known as a fully funded scholarship, requires a strong combination of factors:

  • Academic excellence: High GPA, exceptional exam scores, and a demonstrated track record of academic achievement are key.
  • Research potential: Strong research experience, publications, and a clear research proposal for postgraduate studies can be advantageous.
  • Leadership and extracurricular activities: Involvement in student organizations, volunteer work, and showcasing initiative add depth to your application.
  • Demonstrated financial need: Some scholarships consider financial need alongside academic merit.
  • Matching program and scholarship criteria: Choose programs with scholarship opportunities and tailor your application to their specific requirements.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

The “easiest” country isn’t a fixed variable. While some like Germany and Norway offer free tuition at public universities, others like Canada have numerous funded scholarships with competitive selection processes.

Focus on countries with good scholarship opportunities aligned with your field of study and research strengths. Researching specific programs and scholarships with high success rates for international students can be more rewarding than just seeking the “easiest” option.

What are the requirements for fully funded scholarships?

Requirements vary depending on the scholarship program and funding organization. Common requirements include:

  • Academic excellence: High GPA, relevant coursework, and strong standardized test scores are often minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Language proficiency: English or French language proficiency is usually required for Canadian universities.
  • Research proposal (for postgraduate studies): A well-defined research proposal demonstrating your skills and interests can be essential.
  • Letters of recommendation: Strong recommendations from professors or academic advisors are valuable.
  • Personal statement: Showcasing your motivation, goals, and how the scholarship aligns with your future plans is crucial.

Can I get a fully funded scholarship in Canada?

Canada offers numerous fully funded scholarships for international students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Popular options include:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: For doctoral research programs, offering tuition, living stipend, and health insurance.
  • Trudeau Foundation Scholarships: For doctoral and postdoctoral research in social sciences and humanities, covering tuition and living expenses.
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Supports cutting-edge research in any field, offering competitive salary and research budget.
  • Provincial and university-specific scholarships: Many universities offer their own fully funded scholarships, so research your chosen program thoroughly.

Which scholarship is easy to get in Canada?

No scholarship is truly “easy” to get, as competition for funding is often high. However, focusing on scholarships targeted towards your specific field, background, or country of origin can increase your chances of success. Look for scholarships with lower application volumes and tailor your application to their specific criteria.


In conclusion, these fully funded scholarships offer Rwandan students not just a financial aid, but an entire realm of opportunities to grow, learn, excel, and make a difference. They’re about igniting passion, nurturing potential, and fostering a generation of leaders who will shape the future of Rwanda and the world. So, don’t just skim through the information – delve deeper, find the opportunity that aligns with your passion and ambitions, and take that first step towards making your dreams come true. Remember, these are not just scholarships; they are your ticket to a world of endless possibilities. Seize them, and embark on a journey towards a brighter future.

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