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Fully Funded Sierra Leone Scholarships 2024/2025

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If you’re from Sierra Leone and you’re interested in furthering your education, there are numerous scholarships you could apply for that will completely fund your tuition. 

Many prestigious institutions around the world offer scholarships aimed at supporting students from developing countries such as Sierra Leone, to empower them and contribute to the growth of their home countries. In this post, we will explore some of the top fully funded Sierra Leone scholarships that you could potentially benefit from.

Chevening Scholarships

Are you an exceptional student from Sierra Leone aiming to elevate your educational prowess at a UK university? Then, the Chevening Scholarships might be the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Sponsored by the UK government, this award caters to brilliant minds worldwide, including students from Sierra Leone. 

What are the benefits of Chevening Scholarships?

  • Academic excellence: Study at world-renowned universities in the UK.
  • Professional development: Gain valuable skills and experience through internships and networking opportunities.
  • Personal growth: Expand your horizons and build intercultural competence.
  • Career advancement: Boost your resume and open doors to future opportunities.

How to apply:

  • Applications for the 2024-2025 program are now closed. The next application round will open in June 2024.
  • Be sure to check the website for updates and specific deadlines: [https://www.chevening.org/apply/].
  • Prepare a strong application package that showcases your academic achievements, work experience, leadership potential, and motivation to study in the UK.

The best part? It’s a fully-funded scholarship! That means it takes care of your tuition fees, travel costs to and from the UK, provides a comfortable living allowance, and covers your health insurance for the duration of a one-year Master’s Degree program. 

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Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

This fully funded scholarship is the chance of a lifetime to study at one of Japan’s top universities while experiencing a new culture and gaining an invaluable global perspective. From the picturesque landscape to the rich history and traditions, there is so much to explore and discover. So, take the leap and seize this amazing opportunity

What are the benefits of the JJ/WBGSP?

  • Academic excellence: Study at top universities with renowned faculty and programs.
  • Professional development: Gain valuable skills and knowledge in development-related fields.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow scholars, experts, and World Bank professionals.
  • Career advancement: Enhance your job prospects and contribute to development efforts in your home country.
  • Commitment to development: Upon completing your studies, you commit to returning to your home country and working in development for at least two years.

How to apply:

  • Applications for the 2024 scholarship program are open from February 12th to April 19th, 2024, for Japanese nationals.
  • Find detailed application guidelines and deadlines for other nationalities on the World Bank website: https://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/scholarships/jj-wbgsp
  • Choose a participating university and Master’s program aligned with your development goals and background.
  • Prepare a strong application package showcasing your academic achievements, work experience, development motivation, and commitment to your home country.

This scholarship offers the golden chance to earn your Master’s degree in a development-related field at one of the participating Japanese universities. But the best part? It’s a fully funded scholarship. 

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University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship

Are you a Sierra Leonean student with a passion for research? If so, the University of Otago in New Zealand could be your perfect academic destination. They offer the International Research Master’s Scholarship, especially designed for bright, international students. 


  • Open to international students (excluding Australian students) enrolling in a research Master’s program within the following divisions: Commerce/School of Business, Health Science, Humanities, and Sciences.
  • Applicants must be obtaining their first Master’s qualification.
  • Demonstrated academic excellence in your previous degree.
  • Strong research potential and a clear research proposal aligned with the chosen program at Otago.

Application Process:

As a fully-funded scholarship, it not only takes care of your tuition for a Master’s by research degree, but also provides a generous living expenses stipend. Imagine the thrill of diving deep into your research area, while exploring the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.  

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Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

Are you a student from Sierra Leone eager to influence positive change in your homeland? If so, the Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships could be the doorway to your dreams. 


  • Citizenship: You must be domiciled in one of the following countries: Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or a selected Commonwealth country (check the Nottingham website for the full list).
  • Degree: You must be applying for a full-time Master’s degree program (including MRes) within the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine & Health Sciences, Science, or Social Science.
  • Academic merit: You must demonstrate strong academic performance in your previous studies.
  • Development focus: You must have a clear commitment to contributing to the development of your home country through your chosen field of study.


  • The scholarship offers two tiers:
    • 100% tuition fees coverage: This option covers the entire tuition fees for your Master’s program.
    • 50% tuition fees coverage: This option covers half of your tuition fees.
  • The scholarship does not cover living expenses or travel costs.

Application Process:

  • Deadline: The application deadline for the 2024-2025 intake is Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.
  • Application procedure: You must first apply for and receive an offer for a full-time Master’s program at the University of Nottingham. Then, you can apply for the Developing Solutions Scholarship through the Scholarships section of the University’s application system, NottinghamHub.
  • Selection process: Applications are reviewed based on academic merit, development focus, and alignment with the chosen program.

Designed specifically for African students, this scholarship opportunity at the University of Nottingham, UK, is more than just financial support – it’s a chance to study in a field related to development and bring back valuable knowledge to Sierra Leone.  

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed formula, but you can increase your chances by:

  • Academic excellence: Aim for high grades, participate in research, and showcase academic potential.
  • Choosing the right scholarship: Align your goals, field of study, and background with specific programs.
  • Crafting a strong application: Write compelling essays, highlight achievements, and demonstrate career plans.
  • Meeting deadlines: Be prompt and thorough in submitting all required documents.
  • Expanding your options: Explore scholarships in various countries and universities.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

“Easiest” depends on your background and chosen field. Some potential options include:

  • Germany: Numerous Master’s programs offer full funding through DAAD and other scholarships.
  • Norway: Public universities offer tuition-free education for all international students.
  • Sweden: Scholarships and tuition-free programs exist, particularly in STEM fields.
  • Austria: Public universities offer affordable tuition and scholarship opportunities.
  • Singapore: Merit-based and government-funded scholarships are available for international students.

What is the easiest fully funded scholarship?

“Easiness” is subjective and depends on factors like competition, eligibility requirements, and your own qualifications. Focus on scholarships tailored to your strengths and goals, and research competitiveness thoroughly.

Is DAAD Scholarship still open?

DAAD offers different scholarship programs with varying application deadlines. Some are open year-round, while others have specific application periods. Check the DAAD website for details on specific programs and deadlines: https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/scholarships/daad-scholarships/: https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/scholarships/daad-scholarships/

How can a Nigerian apply for DAAD scholarship?

The application process for DAAD scholarships varies depending on the specific program and your educational level. Here’s a general outline:

  • Choose a program: Browse the DAAD website and find programs aligning with your field of study and career goals.
  • Check eligibility: Ensure you meet the program’s specific requirements, including nationality, academic qualifications, and language proficiency.
  • Prepare application materials: Gather transcripts, diplomas, recommendation letters, proof of language proficiency, and a research proposal if required.
  • Submit application: Follow the online or postal application procedures outlined for the chosen program.
  • Selection process: DAAD reviews applications based on academic merit, research potential, and alignment with program objectives.


That wraps up our roundup of some remarkable fully funded scholarships aimed at Sierra Leone students seeking to expand their educational horizons abroad. These unique opportunities not only provide access to top-tier global institutions but also equip you with invaluable international exposure and skill sets that will, in turn, greatly contribute to Sierra Leone. Remember, the journey to securing a scholarship can be highly competitive. Therefore, putting careful thought into your application and ensuring you meet all the requirements is paramount. Stay committed, keep your eyes on the prize, and you just might be packing your bags for an unforgettable academic journey overseas. Here’s to making your educational dreams come true!

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