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Fully Funded Syria Scholarships 2024/2025

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For Syrians, the chance to study abroad can be life-changing. Not only does it provide an escape from the ongoing conflict, but it also offers a gateway to a better future. Many of the scholarships available are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, covering a range of fields from engineering to the arts.

The hope is that these scholarships will create a brighter future for Syria, by educating a new generation of leaders and innovators. So, let’s take a closer look at the many opportunities available.

Syria (Chevening Scholarship)

Funded by the British Government, the Chevening Scholarship has gained global recognition for its commitment to nurturing future leaders. This beacon of hope for Syrian students shines brightly, opening the gateway to a world of knowledge in the United Kingdom. The scholarship offers an incredible chance for Syria’s brightest minds to undertake a one-year master’s degree at any UK university of their choice.

Eligibility for Syrian Students:

  • Be a citizen of Syria (living in or outside the country).
  • Hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Have at least two years’ work experience (part-time, full-time, or volunteering).
  • Not have previously received UK government funding for study in the UK.
  • Meet the Chevening English language requirement.
  • Hold an unconditional offer from at least one of your three chosen course choices.

Benefits of a Chevening Scholarship:

  • Fully-funded: Covers tuition fees, a living allowance, return flights, and additional grants.
  • Networking opportunities: Join a prestigious global network of Chevening alumni.
  • World-class education: Study at a renowned UK university.
  • Personal and professional development: Enhance your skills and knowledge.

Application Process:

  • Applications for the 2024-2025 Chevening Scholarships in Syria are now closed.
  • The next application cycle will open in July 2024.
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Carefully prepare your application, highlighting your academic achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to Syria.

Eligibility for this scholarship is contingent upon applicants having an undergraduate degree and a minimum of two years of work experience. This experience requirement reflects the scholarship’s aim to not only enhance academic excellence but to also cultivate leadership potential.  

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UNHCR Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI)

To empower refugees through education, the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI), pioneered by the UNHCR and generously supported by the German Government, lights the path to higher education for Syrian refugees. This dynamic scholarship program transcends borders, enabling beneficiaries to pursue undergraduate studies in a plethora of disciplines at public universities within their asylum countries. It’s more than just a ticket to education; it’s a springboard to a brighter future.

Eligibility for DAFI scholarships:

  • Refugee status recognized by UNHCR
  • Strong academic record
  • Financial need
  • Commitment to contributing to the community

How to apply for DAFI:

As a Syrian refugee, if you dream of unlocking your academic potential and are committed to transforming your life through education, the DAFI scholarship can be your catalyst. A stepping stone towards empowerment and change, it’s a golden opportunity to build a promising future amidst the uncertainties of displacement.

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Jusoor Cambridge Scholarship

The Jusoor Cambridge Scholarship emerges from a collaborative effort between Jusoor, an NGO dedicated to Syria’s progress, and the University of Cambridge. This scholarship is an opportunity for Syrians to leap ahead in their academic journey, pursuing master’s degrees at one of the world’s leading educational institutions. 


  • Open to Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian men and women.
  • Preference given to those residing in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Türkiye, Egypt, and Iraq.
  • Applicable for any subject, but preference for Engineering, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Development, and Sustainable Development.
  • Requires applying to and gaining admission to a Master’s degree program at Cambridge University.
  • Demonstrated financial need.
  • Strong academic record and leadership potential.
  • Commitment to contributing to Syria’s redevelopment and engagement with Jusoor’s community.
  • Number of Awards: Up to one scholarship per year.
  • Application Deadline: Varies by program; consult the Cambridge University application deadlines for your desired program.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

  • Gaining a Master’s degree from one of the world’s leading universities.
  • Receiving full financial support to focus on your studies.
  • Joining a vibrant academic community and expanding your networks.
  • Developing skills and knowledge to contribute to Syria’s future.

How to Apply:

  1. Choose a Master’s program at Cambridge University: Browse available programs and ensure you meet the entry requirements.
  2. Apply to the Cambridge University program: Follow the university’s online application process and meet published deadlines.
  3. Apply for the Jusoor Cambridge Scholarship: Submit the Jusoor scholarship application form separately, adhering to specific deadlines and requirements.

Applicants need to demonstrate a commitment to using their education to serve their community upon completion of their degree. So, if you are a Syrian student with the will and the drive to make a positive impact on your community, this scholarship might just be your springboard to success.

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What is the fully funded scholarship for Syrian students?

There are various fully funded scholarships available for Syrian students. These include scholarships from international organizations, governments, and universities. Examples include the Fulbright Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, and the DAAD Scholarship.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Achieving a 100% scholarship is competitive but possible:

  • Academic Excellence: Maintain a high GPA and demonstrate academic achievements.
  • Extracurricular Involvement: Engage in activities that showcase leadership and community involvement.
  • Research Opportunities: Explore scholarships specific to your field of study.
  • Effective Communication: Craft compelling essays and excel in interviews.
  • Financial Need: Some scholarships consider financial need, so be prepared to demonstrate it accurately.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

Countries like Germany, Norway, and Sweden are often considered easier to secure full scholarships due to their robust commitment to international education and generous scholarship programs.

What is the German scholarship for Syrians?

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers various scholarships for Syrians. The DAAD scholarships support undergraduate and postgraduate studies, research, and internships in Germany. Syrian students can apply for different programs, including the DAAD Scholarship for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses.

How to get a 100% scholarship in Germany?

To secure a 100% scholarship in Germany:

  • Research Programs: Identify scholarships offered by German institutions and organizations.
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Explore the numerous scholarships offered by the DAAD for international students.
  • High Academic Performance: Maintain an excellent academic record.
  • Learn German: While some programs are in English, knowing German can enhance your experience and eligibility.
  • Apply Early: Be proactive in researching, preparing documents, and submitting applications well before deadlines.

Remember to check specific eligibility criteria and requirements for each scholarship and tailor your application accordingly.


In the wake of devastating conflict, the power of education shines as a beacon of hope for Syria. Opportunities for academic growth and advancement are possible through these fully funded scholarships – Chevening, DAFI, IsDB, and Jusoor Cambridge. Not only do these scholarships provide a chance for Syrian students to continue their education journey, but they also foster leadership skills, encourage cultural exchange, and stimulate social responsibility. 

Remember, these opportunities are not merely chances, they are potential stepping stones on the path to rebuilding and empowering the nation. Let’s continue to spread the word about these scholarships and inspire more Syrian students to reach for their dreams. After all, the flame of knowledge burns brightest in the dark.

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