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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in Argentina with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Are you looking to pursue a nursing degree in Argentina but worried about the cost? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 cheap nursing schools in Argentina that offer scholarships and provide information on their school fees. 

Argentina is known for its high-quality education system, and these nursing schools are no exception. Let’s dig in and discover the affordable options available for aspiring nurses in Argentina.

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1) University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires stands out for its exceptional nursing program, offering quality education at an affordable cost. With scholarships readily available, students from various financial backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue their nursing careers without the burden of hefty tuition fees. 

The school’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in its competitive school fees, positioning it as a prime choice for students seeking cost-effective nursing education in Argentina.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 5,000 USD (391,150 INR)

2) National University of La Plata

At the forefront of affordable nursing education, the National University of La Plata stands out for its comprehensive scholarship program designed to ease the financial burden on students. This institution is dedicated to providing a pathway for aspiring nurses by offering an economically viable option through low tuition costs. 

These efforts ensure that students can focus on their studies and training without the stress of overwhelming school fees, marking the National University of La Plata as a prime destination for nursing education in Argentina.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 5,000 USD (391,150 INR)

3) National University of Córdoba

The National University of Córdoba, a distinguished educational establishment, provides an accessible path to nursing education through its well-structured scholarship program. The affordability of its nursing program is a significant advantage for students who are financially constrained but passionate about pursuing a career in nursing. 

By offering scholarships, the university opens doors for many students, making the dream of becoming a nurse more attainable. The reasonable school fees underscore the university’s commitment to making quality nursing education accessible to a broader audience.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 1,000 USD

4) National University of Rosario

The National University of Rosario offers an excellent opportunity for students aiming to enter the nursing field without the burden of high costs. Through its scholarship programs, the institution ensures that passionate students can access a quality education, regardless of their financial situation. 

Its school fees are notably competitive, positioning this university as an attractive option for those in search of affordable nursing education in Argentina. With a focus on both affordability and quality, the National University of Rosario stands as a beacon for aspiring nurses.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 3,000 USD

5) National University of Cuyo

The National University of Cuyo is recognized for its dedication to offering an accessible nursing education, complemented by its scholarship programs aimed at alleviating the financial stress on students. This institution provides a unique blend of affordability and quality, ensuring that passionate nursing students can pursue their education without the worry of exorbitant costs. 

The university’s school fees are structured to be budget-friendly, making it an appealing choice for those who seek a high-quality nursing education at a lower cost in Argentina. Through these efforts, the National University of Cuyo remains committed to fostering the next generation of nursing professionals.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 3,000 USD

6) National University of Litoral

The National University of Litoral is renowned for its commitment to providing accessible nursing education. With a strong emphasis on affordability, the university offers a range of scholarships that significantly reduce the financial burden on students. 

Its competitively priced school fees ensure that aspiring nurses can attain their educational goals without the strain of high costs. The institution’s dedication to easing the path to a nursing career for students of diverse economic backgrounds highlights its role as a key player in affordable nursing education in Argentina.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 5,000 USD

7) National University of Salta

The National University of Salta emerges as a prime destination for students aiming to embark on a nursing career without financial constraints. Its scholarship programs are a testament to the university’s dedication to making nursing education more accessible, alleviating the financial pressures that often deter prospective students. 

With school fees structured to be affordable, this institution ensures that passionate individuals have the opportunity to pursue their nursing aspirations. The focus on affordability, paired with a commitment to quality education, makes the National University of Salta a noteworthy option for students seeking an economical route to a nursing career in Argentina.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 3,000 USD

8) National University of the Northeast

The National University of the Northeast distinguishes itself by offering a nursing program that emphasizes affordability through scholarship opportunities. This approach ensures that financial barriers do not hinder motivated students from pursuing their nursing ambitions. 

By maintaining low tuition fees, the university demonstrates its commitment to facilitating access to nursing education for students from varied economic backgrounds. This initiative enables the institution to support the growth and development of future nursing professionals by making quality education attainable for all.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 12,000 USD

9) National University of Tucumán

The National University of Tucumán distinguishes itself with a cost-effective nursing program, complemented by scholarships that alleviate tuition costs. This initiative allows students from various economic backgrounds to pursue their nursing education without the financial strain associated with higher education. 

The institution’s focus on affordability does not compromise the quality of education offered, making it a desirable option for those aspiring to join the nursing profession. Its school fees are structured to ensure accessibility, emphasizing the university’s commitment to educating future nursing professionals.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 4,000 USD

10) National University of Mar del Plata

Renowned for its exceptional value, the National University of Mar del Plata facilitates access to nursing education through its generous scholarship offerings. These scholarships serve to ease the financial burdens on students, ensuring that a wider range of aspiring nurses can pursue their dreams. 

The institution’s commitment to affordability is mirrored in its structured, competitive school fees, highlighting its position as a leading choice for students in search of an economical nursing education path in Argentina. This blend of quality education and financial accessibility makes the National University of Mar del Plata a beacon for future nursing professionals.

Estimated Tuition Fee: 6,000 USD


Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

In addition to India, there are several other countries that offer affordable nursing education. These include the Philippines, Malaysia, and South Africa. The Philippines is often considered to be the most affordable country for studying nursing, with average tuition fees of just $1,000 per year. Malaysia is also an affordable option, with an average tuition cost of $2,500 per year. And in South Africa, students can expect to pay around $4,000 per year for their nursing education. Keep in mind that these costs do not include the cost of living, which can vary widely depending on the location.

How much is tuition fees for international students in Argentina?

Tuition fees for international students in Argentina for nursing programs can vary depending on the university, but they are generally lower compared to many Western countries. A range could be:

  • Public Universities: Around ARS 50,000 to ARS 100,000 per year (around $400 to $800 USD) at the current exchange rate (be aware exchange rates fluctuate).

What country can I study nursing in for free?

A few countries, primarily in Europe, offer free tuition for nursing programs under specific conditions (often for EU students). Research individual countries and programs thoroughly.

Does Argentina have scholarships?

Yes, Argentina does offer scholarships for international students, including some for healthcare fields like nursing.  Here are some places to explore scholarship opportunities:

Is Argentina cheap to study?

Argentina can be a relatively affordable option for studying compared to some Western countries. However, living expenses can vary depending on your lifestyle choices and location. Consider budgeting for accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessities. Researching average costs of living in Argentina can help you plan effectively.


In conclusion, Argentina is an excellent option for international students who are looking for a high-quality education at an affordable price. The top 10 nursing schools in Argentina offer top-notch programs at a fraction of the cost of comparable schools in other countries. In addition, the cost of living in Argentina is relatively low, making it an even more attractive option for those on a budget. There are also many scholarship opportunities available for international students, so don’t hesitate to apply. Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate or graduate degree, Argentina has a program to meet your needs.

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