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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in UK with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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If you’re considering a nursing degree in the UK, there are many great schools to choose from. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get a top-notch education. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 nursing schools in the UK with scholarships, along with their average school fees.

So whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time program, you’ll find the information you need to make an informed decision. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

1) University of the West of Scotland

At the forefront of nursing education, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) merges innovative teaching methods with practical experience, ensuring its graduates are well-prepared for the healthcare sector. For international students, the tuition is set at around £12,250 each year. 

UWS softens the financial burden through its International Scholarship program, offering reductions up to £1,500, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality education at a more affordable rate.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: £12,250 each year

2) University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria provides a perfect setting for nursing students looking for a blend of urban and natural environments. Its esteemed nursing program emphasizes hands-on experience in real-world settings. 

For international scholars, the program’s fees are about £12,800 annually. However, the university mitigates this expense by offering scholarships that can reduce tuition costs by up to £1,000, making it an appealing choice for those seeking both quality education and affordability.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: £1,000

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3) University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton offers a robust nursing program within its Faculty of Education, Health, and Wellbeing. Aimed at molding proficient healthcare professionals, the university charges international students approximately £12,950 for yearly tuition. 

To alleviate this financial load, various scholarships are available, such as the International Academic Excellence Scholarship, which can significantly offset tuition costs, making it an attractive choice for those aiming to excel in the healthcare sector without the hefty price tag.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: £12,950

4) Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University (BCU) stands out for its contemporary approach to nursing education, equipping students with necessary skills for today’s healthcare challenges. International students face tuition fees of approximately £13,200 annually. 

To help manage these costs, BCU extends the Academic Excellence Scholarship to academically distinguished students, thereby making its nursing program more accessible to those who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: £13,200 annually

5) University of Derby

With modern facilities and a comprehensive approach to nursing education, the University of Derby stands out for its commitment to student success. International learners are required to pay a yearly tuition of approximately £14,045.

To support its students financially, the university offers scholarships like the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship, aimed at significantly reducing tuition fees for those who qualify, making pursuing a nursing degree more attainable for students from various backgrounds.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £14,045.

6) University of Greenwich

Located in the picturesque and dynamic area of Greenwich, London, the University of Greenwich stands as a beacon for aspiring nurses. The institution charges international students a tuition fee of around £14,500 each year. 

To ease this financial burden, Greenwich offers a variety of scholarships, including merit-based options that significantly contribute towards reducing the overall cost of education for deserving candidates, thereby making it an attractive choice for those seeking a blend of quality nursing education and financial feasibility.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £14,500 each year

7) University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire distinguishes itself by emphasizing hands-on learning in its nursing program. For those from abroad, the annual fee sits at around £12,350. To assist students financially, the institution offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries designed to make the pursuit of nursing more affordable for deserving individuals, ensuring a focus on both educational quality and economic accessibility.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £12,350.

8) Teesside University

Teesside University shines in healthcare education with its forward-thinking nursing program, designed to address the evolving needs of the profession. The institution sets its annual fee for international students at about £13,000.

To support its students, Teesside offers various financial aid options, including scholarships that significantly decrease tuition costs. These initiatives ensure students have access to an affordable, high-quality education, preparing them for successful careers in nursing.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £11,000

9) University of South Wales

The University of South Wales stands out for its hands-on approach to nursing education, emphasizing practical skills for future healthcare professionals. With a tuition fee of approximately £13,700 annually for international students, it strives to make education more accessible through its Global Academic Achievement Scholarship.

This financial aid initiative greatly benefits academically excellent students by offering a substantial reduction in fees, easing the financial burden and making quality nursing education within reach for many.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £10,000

10) University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

UCLan distinguishes itself with an exemplary nursing program that blends superior facilities and an extensive curriculum designed to meet modern healthcare demands. International students are required to pay a tuition fee of roughly £13,450 annually. 

To ease this financial commitment, UCLan offers financial support through its International Bursary, significantly reducing tuition fees for eligible students. This initiative ensures that a top-tier nursing education at UCLan is accessible, supporting students’ aspirations to excel in the nursing field affordably.

Estimated Tuition Fee: £14,000


Which school is the cheapest to study nursing in the UK?

Several schools in the UK offer nursing programs at an affordable price. The University of Lincoln, for example, has an undergraduate BSc in Nursing that costs just £9,250 per year for UK and EU students. The University of the West of Scotland is another option, with its BSc in Adult Nursing costing £9,250 per year.

Where is the cheapest place to study nursing in the UK?

There’s no single “cheapest” location, but some regions might have a slightly lower overall cost of living compared to major cities like London. Consider universities in areas like:

  • Northern England, Scotland, or Wales: These areas might have a lower cost of living compared to southern England.

What is the tuition fee for nursing in the UK for international students?

International tuition fees for nursing programs in the UK can vary depending on the university and program type. Here’s a general range:

  • Public Universities: £13,000 to £20,000 per year (around $15,600 to $24,000 USD)

How can I study nursing for free in the UK?

There are a few ways to study nursing for free in the UK. One option is to receive a training bursary from the National Health Service (NHS). This bursary is available to students studying for a pre-registration nursing or midwifery degree.

How much does it cost to study nursing UK?

The total cost of studying nursing in the UK will include:

  • Tuition Fees: As mentioned earlier, this can range from £13,000 to £20,000 per year (around $15,600 to $24,000 USD) for international students.
  • Living Expenses: Accommodation, food, transportation, and other living expenses can vary depending on location but can range from £10,000 to £15,000 per year (around $12,000 to $18,000 USD).
  • Additional Costs: Factor in textbooks, course materials, and visa application fees.

By researching scholarships, budgeting carefully, and exploring ways to manage living expenses, you can make studying nursing in the UK a more affordable option.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable and high-quality nursing education, the UK is a great option. Many schools offer nursing degrees at a fraction of the cost of those in the US, and many offer scholarships to help make your studies even more affordable. Whether you’re looking to study in London, Edinburgh, or elsewhere in the UK, there are plenty of options to choose from. With so many great schools to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your nursing career. So start researching today and find the best school for you!

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