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Total E&P Scholarship For Nigerian Undergraduate Students 2024/2025

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The Total E&P Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program offered by Total Energies, one of the world’s leading energy companies. The scholarship is open to students from around the world who are pursuing degrees in energy-related fields, such as engineering, geosciences, and business management.

The scholarship covers tuition and fees, living expenses, and travel costs. It also provides access to internships and professional development opportunities with Total Energies. The goal of the scholarship is to foster the next generation of energy leaders and innovators, who can help to meet the world’s growing energy needs in a sustainable way.

In this article, we will go deep into everything you need to know about this scholarship opportunity, from how to apply to eligibility criteria, everything has been well covered. 

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship? 

The Total E & P Scholarship has specific eligibility criteria to ensure that the program benefits those who need it the most. Below are the requirements for students to be considered:

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens, demonstrating their commitment to contribute to the nation’s growth and development.
  • The scholarship is available for full-time undergraduate students enrolled in accredited Nigerian universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education.
  • Students must have completed their first year of undergraduate study and be currently enrolled in their second year. Unfortunately, first-year students and students in their final year of study are not eligible.
  • Applicants must be pursuing a degree in a discipline that aligns with the Total Group’s fields of interest. This includes, but is not limited to, disciplines like Engineering, Geosciences, Management Sciences, Finance, and other Social Sciences.
  • Candidates must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 or higher on a 5.0 scale or its equivalent in the previous academic year. This is to ensure that the scholarship goes to students who are academically exceptional and dedicated.
  • In the case of students with disabilities, some exceptions might be made concerning the CGPA requirement, ensuring inclusivity in the program.
  • Applicants must not be currently benefiting from any similar scholarships or grants. The Total E & P Scholarship aims to support students who lack sufficient financial assistance for their education.
  • Applicants must be of good character. They might be required to provide a letter of good conduct from their current institution as part of the application process.
  • The scholarship does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or tribe, encouraging diversity and equal opportunities.

Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee the scholarship, as the selection process is competitive. However, it is an essential step toward achieving this financial aid and investing in your future.

How Does the Scholarship Benefit Students? 

The Total E & P Scholarship brings numerous benefits to its recipients, supporting not only their academic journey but also their personal growth and professional development. The advantages of this scholarship include:

  • Financial Relief: The primary advantage of this scholarship is the financial aid it provides. It covers the tuition fees and other educational expenses, effectively reducing the financial strain on students and their families.
  • Broadened Opportunities: The scholarship is not confined to oil and gas-related courses. Instead, it extends to a variety of disciplines, making it accessible to a diverse range of students.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The scholarship’s provision for internships and training within the Total Group gives students the chance to gain practical experience in their respective fields. This hands-on exposure can complement their academic learning and prepare them for their future careers.
  • Mentorship and Skill Development: The Total E & P Scholarship goes beyond financial aid. It also focuses on empowering students through mentorship and skill-building programs, thereby fostering their overall development.
  • Encouragement to Excel Academically: The scholarship requires recipients to maintain a certain grade point average, which encourages them to strive for academic excellence.
  • Contribution to Socio-Economic Development: By supporting the education of the youth, the Total E & P Scholarship indirectly contributes to Nigeria’s socio-economic development. The educated youth can use their skills and knowledge to contribute to the nation’s growth and prosperity.
  • Equal Opportunities: The scholarship does not discriminate based on gender, religion, or tribe. It encourages diversity and equal opportunities, giving every eligible student a fair chance to receive financial support.
  • Recognition and Self-Confidence: Winning a competitive scholarship like the Total E & P Scholarship can be a significant accomplishment, fostering self-confidence in students. This recognition can motivate students to continue to work hard in their academic and professional endeavors.
  • Increased Accessibility for Students with Disabilities: The Total E & P Scholarship ensures inclusivity by making exceptions to the CGPA requirement for students with disabilities, making higher education more accessible to them.

Overall, the Total E & P Scholarship offers a well-rounded support system that goes beyond financial aid, nurturing not just the academic growth but also the personal and professional development of its recipients.

What is the Application Process? 

Applying for the Total E & P Scholarship involves a multi-step process to ensure a fair and thorough assessment of all applicants. Below is a step-by-step guide to the application process:

  • Visit the Official Website: The first step is to visit the official website of the Total E & P Scholarship. Here you will find detailed information about the scholarship and the application process.
  • Check Eligibility: Review the eligibility criteria discussed earlier in this post to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements before proceeding with the application.
  • Complete the Online Application Form: On the website, you’ll find an online application form to fill out. It typically requires your personal details, academic records, and information about your current course of study.
  • Submit Required Documents: The application form will also require you to upload certain necessary documents. These usually include academic transcripts, admission letter, school ID card, and a letter of good conduct.
  • Write an Essay: Some years, the scholarship application process might involve writing an essay on a topic provided by the scholarship committee. If this is the case, ensure that your essay is well-written and aligns with the given topic.
  • Review and Submit: Before hitting the submit button, double-check all your information for accuracy and completeness. Incomplete or incorrect applications may lead to disqualification.
  • Await Selection: After submission, your application will go through a selection process which involves a review of all applications, shortlisting of qualified candidates, and potentially an interview. The selection process is quite competitive, so ensure you put in your best effort.
  • Respond to Offer: If successful, you will receive a scholarship offer which you must accept to secure your place.

Remember, each year’s application process may vary slightly, so it’s crucial to review the current year’s requirements on the official Total E & P Scholarship website.


How much is the NNPC scholarship?

The NNPC scholarship is a prestigious and highly competitive program that provides financial assistance to outstanding Nigerian students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in a field related to the oil and gas industry. The scholarship is valued at NGN 300,000 per academic year, and covers tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses. In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship also provides recipients with opportunities for professional development, networking, and exposure to the oil and gas industry. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be Nigerian citizens and have excellent academic records.

Is there a scholarship for Nigerian undergraduates in 2024?

Yes, several scholarships exist for Nigerian undergraduates in 2024. Explore:

  • University & college websites: Merit-based and financial aid scholarships.
  • NGOs & foundations: Specific causes or fields of study.
  • Government agencies: PTDF, TETFund, others.
  • Private organizations: Seplat, Agbami, and more.

What is the scholarship for 300 level students in Nigeria?

Scholarships aren’t always restricted by specific university levels. Many opportunities open to all undergraduate students, so explore based on your field, academic record, and other criteria.

 Is the Seplat scholarship 2024 out?

No, the Seplat Scholarship for 2024 hasn’t been announced yet. Past applications opened around July-August, so monitor the Seplat Energy website and social media for updates.

How much does Seplat pay for scholarship?

The Seplat Scholarship offers different amounts based on your field of study:

  • ₦200,000 for medical students (MBBS, BDS)
  • ₦100,000 for engineering students (accredited programs)


In the realm of higher education, financial support can be a significant game-changer, and that’s where the Total E & P Scholarship steps in. This program, initiated by Total Exploration & Production Nigeria Limited, stands as a testament to the company’s commitment towards fostering Nigeria’s future by investing in the education of its youth.

In conclusion, the Total E & P Scholarship stands as a commendable initiative, nurturing the intellectual growth of Nigeria’s youth, providing them with invaluable opportunities, and setting them up for success in their chosen careers. For any Nigerian undergraduate student striving to mitigate the financial burden of higher education, the Total E & P Scholarship is undoubtedly an opportunity worth pursuing.

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