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US Military Scholarships for College Students, International Students and Professionals

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The USA Government offers US Military Scholarships for college students, International Students and professionals. The goal of the US Military Scholarship is to support a talented and dedicated student who wishes to pursue education that leads to a career in public service, including the military services, law enforcement, public health, medical professions, government service, and a variety of other fields that meet the needs of our nation.

Are you a college student or professional who has been impacted by the US Military? Apply for our US Military Scholarship program.

The US Military is offering up to $45,000 in scholarship funding for students and professionals. You could qualify for one of these full scholarships regardless of your background or financial situation. Find out if you are eligible today!

Whether you are currently serving in the military, a family member of an active duty service member or veteran, or a civilian college student or professional, you can apply for a Military Scholarship through DoD’s Military Services and Reserve Education Benefits Programs. These tuition assistance programs can help you obtain an education so that you can advance your career path, and make our world a safer place.

US Military Scholarships Requirements

Scholarship Sponsor(s): US Army

Scholarship to be taken at Army ROTC United States

Scholarship Type: Education Support

Scholarship level: Undergraduate (High School Students, College), Professionals

Scholarship Slots: Not limited.

Scholarship Worth/Benefits: Varies (tuitions plus stipends)

Subject Eligibility: Any Subject


More information on US Military Scholarships

The scholarship entails full-time enrollment as military personnel in the United States, where they will be trained and then absorbed. Scholarship recipients would be paid stipends while undergoing training. These scholarships are around to help you work your way to achieve your educational goals, whether you need to pursue a civilian path or gain more education and continue your military training.

Military service members don’t need motivation to be praised – their support for the United States is a rare display of boldness, bravery, and deserving of such adoration. This includes benefited individuals or service members, in addition to International Students who want to join the US military.

Because of all of these legends, the country and the grant provider are proud financiers of this instructive goal. Individuals who serve in the military or are associated with military administration personnel.

Important Notes

  • Sample military scholarships are available on the Army ROTC page; however, special scholarships are assigned based on the information provided while filling out your own profile.
  • Being a scholarship recipient does not automatically make you a member of the United States military; individuals can choose whether or not to serve in the military.
  • There are also directory scholarship pages for college scholarships for high school students and college scholarships for disabled military veterans called Veterans.


How To Apply for US Military Scholarships For International, African Students and Professionals

The application process for US military scholarships begins with an online application. Applying for Army ROTC is done online by creating an account on the Army ROTC page. Applicants who are interested can go to the Army ROTC scholarship official website and apply for a scholarship or download an application form online using the link provided.

Scholarship Category: Military Scholarships

Deadline: The application is ongoing.

International Students are welcome.

VEAP Classification

Ongoing deadline

International Students are welcome.

This category is proudly sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP) for veterans who have chosen to contribute from their military salary to participate in the VEAP.

More information can be found on the official website.

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