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Fully Funded Colombia Scholarships

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Colombia’s government scholarships, Colfuturo, Erasmus Mundus, and Fulbright Scholarship are just some of the financial aid options that make this possible. Each scholarship carries its unique set of benefits, eligibility requirements, and coverage, making it adaptable to different students’ needs and aspirations.

Notably, language proficiency, particularly in Spanish, is a common requisite across most scholarships, mirroring the importance of communication in a predominantly Spanish-speaking country. In addition to the significant financial relief, these scholarships offer the unique chance to immerse oneself in the vibrant and culturally rich Colombian environment.

In this blog post, we will explore the different fully funded Colombia scholarships and how to apply for them.

Colombia Government Scholarships

Specifically designed to facilitate international students’ academic endeavors, these scholarships are generously endowed each year by the Colombian government to promote intellectual exchange and cross-cultural interaction. 

Who can apply?

  • Open to international students of all nationalities except Colombian citizens.
  • Applicants must have a professional, graduate, or undergraduate degree in any field from a recognized university.
  • Strong academic record, typically with a minimum GPA of 4.0 out of 5.0 on the Colombian scale.
  • Age limit: Under 50 years old.
  • Language proficiency: Not required for applying, but proficiency in Spanish is highly recommended for academic success and integration into Colombian life.

Application Process:

  • Applications are submitted online through the website of the Instituto Colombiano de Crédito Educativo y Estudios Técnicos (ICETEX): https://web.icetex.gov.co/
  • Deadlines typically fall between December and April each year.
  • Required documents include application form, academic transcripts, diplomas, standardized test scores (if applicable), CV, research proposal (for PhD applicants), letters of recommendation, and proof of language proficiency.

To grab this exciting opportunity, keep in mind the eligibility requirements. You should be a holder of a bachelor’s degree, as this program is focused on postgraduate studies. A substantial command of the Spanish language is another prerequisite.  

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What makes the Colfuturo scholarships so appealing? It’s the comprehensive nature of the aid. It provides up to 100% coverage for tuition fees, eradicating the primary financial concern most students harbor. But it doesn’t stop there. Colfuturo also takes into consideration the living expenses that come with studying in a foreign land. This holistic approach to financial support eases the burdens of studying abroad, allowing you to focus solely on your academic growth.

Who can apply?

  • Colombian citizens with a professional, graduate, or undergraduate degree from a recognized Colombian university.
  • Strong academic record, typically with a top 10% ranking in your graduating class.
  • Minimum age: 21 years old.
  • Work experience: At least one year of relevant professional experience is preferred, though not mandatory.
  • Commitment to returning to Colombia: Upon completion of your studies, you must return to Colombia and work for a minimum of two years, contributing your knowledge and skills to the country’s development.

Application Process:

  • Applications are submitted online through the Colfuturo website: https://www.colfuturo.org/
  • Deadlines typically fall between March and April each year.
  • Required documents include application form, academic transcripts, diplomas, standardized test scores (if applicable), CV, letters of recommendation, research proposal (for PhD applicants), and proof of language proficiency.

However, be prepared for a competitive application process, for Colfuturo’s scholarships are highly coveted. But fear not! With the right preparation and a compelling case for your chosen field of study, you may soon find yourself on the path to a transformative education experience in the lively heart of Latin America. So, gear up for a fulfilling journey where you can enrich your knowledge while contributing to Colombia’s vibrant development story.

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Erasmus Mundus

Known for its international cooperation and mobility in higher education, the Erasmus Mundus program propels the dreams of global students into the forefront of academic innovation. Its scholarships provide full coverage for tuition, living, and travel expenses, making it a viable option for students seeking academic experiences abroad.


To be eligible for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship as a Colombian student, you must meet the following general requirements::

  • Language proficiency: Most programs require English language proficiency, typically demonstrated through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Some programs may require additional language proficiency in another European language.
  • Motivation and commitment: Be able to demonstrate your motivation for pursuing the chosen program and your commitment to international and intercultural understanding.

If you’re looking for a program that seamlessly merges European educational excellence with the unique charm of studying in Latin America, Erasmus Mundus might be your perfect match. Immerse yourself in a high-quality, diverse academic setting that extends beyond classroom walls, offering opportunities for cultural exchange and global understanding. Stand a chance to become part of a larger academic community, creating lasting networks and friendships spanning continents.

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Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship isn’t just any scholarship. It carries a prestige and reputation that can significantly enhance your academic portfolio. The selection process, albeit competitive, focuses on merit, ensuring that your hard work, dedication, and intellectual prowess are recognized and rewarded.

Eligibility for Fulbright Scholarships:

The Fulbright Program offers various scholarships for students, researchers, teachers, and artists, so specific eligibility requirements will vary depending on the type of scholarship you’re interested in.  

  • Citizenship: You must be a citizen of the country awarding the scholarship. For example, if you’re aiming for a U.S. Fulbright, you must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Academic background: Depending on the scholarship, you may need:
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree (for student programs)
  • Significant experience in your field (for research and teaching programs)
  • Professional artistic career (for artist programs)
  • Academic excellence: Demonstrated through strong academic transcripts, publications, or other achievements.
  • Language proficiency: Most programs require English language proficiency, and some may require additional languages relevant to your chosen country or program.
  • Some programs may have age or residency restrictions.
  • Specific programs might require additional forms, tests, or portfolios.

Always refer to the specific program guidelines on the Fulbright website for detailed eligibility criteria.

Applying for Fulbright Scholarships:

The application process is also program-specific, but generally involves these steps:

  1. Choose your program and country: Research options on the Fulbright website, considering your academic field, career goals, and cultural interests.
  2. Review deadlines and requirements: Each program has specific deadlines, so double-check them and ensure you meet all listed eligibility criteria.
  3. Prepare application materials: This typically includes essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts, language test scores, and program-specific documents like research proposals or artistic portfolios.
  4. Apply online: Submit your application through the official Fulbright online platform.
  5. Interview stage: Some programs may require an interview after the initial application review.

In essence, the Fulbright Scholarship offers an enriching pathway to advance your academic pursuits in Colombia, ensuring that your journey is supported, enriching, and, most importantly, transformative. 

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Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

There’s no definitive answer to this, as “easiest” depends on your own qualifications, research area, and preferred country. However, several countries are known for offering generous scholarship opportunities:

  • Germany: DAAD scholarships and various university-specific programs offer full funding for international students.
  • Sweden: Swedish Institute scholarships provide full tuition and living expenses for master’s programs.
  • Norway: Quota Scholarships cover tuition and living costs for master’s students in specific fields.
  • Netherlands: Orange Tulip Scholarships and other programs offer full funding for international students.
  • France: Eiffel scholarships and various regional programs provide full funding for international students.

Remember, even in these countries, competition can be fierce, so strong academic merit and a compelling application are key.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed formula, but several strategies can increase your chances:

  • Excel academically: Maintain high grades, demonstrate research potential, and publish your work.
  • Choose your program wisely: Focus on fields with higher funding availability or fewer applicants.
  • Build a strong profile: Gain relevant work experience, volunteer, and showcase leadership skills.
  • Craft a compelling application: Write impactful essays, tailor your application to the program, and secure strong letters of recommendation.
  • Research scholarship options: Explore various national and university-specific scholarships relevant to your field and country of interest.

Persistence and a well-rounded application can significantly improve your chances of securing a full scholarship.

Is it hard to get a fully funded scholarship?

Yes, competition for fully funded scholarships is typically high. To stand out, you need to demonstrate exceptional academic ability, relevant experience, and a compelling reason why you deserve the scholarship. However, don’t be discouraged! Thorough research, a well-prepared application, and consistent effort can increase your chances of success.

What is the Icetex Colombia scholarship?

Instituto Colombiano de Crédito Educativo y Estudios Técnicos (ICETEX) offers various scholarships for Colombian students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad. These scholarships may be partially or fully funded, depending on the program and the student’s academic merit and financial needs.

What is a fully funded scholarship in Colombia for international students?

Several programs in Colombia offer full funding for international students, including:

  • Colfuturo Scholarship Program: Covers tuition and living expenses for postgraduate studies in specific fields.
  • Francisco de Paula Santander Scholarship: Funds master’s and doctoral programs in various fields relevant to Colombia’s development.
  • University-specific scholarships: Many Colombian universities offer full or partial scholarships to international students based on academic merit and specific criteria.

Remember, eligibility and availability may vary, so research specific programs and contact the relevant universities or scholarship providers for detailed information.


In conclusion, the Fully Funded Colombia Scholarships offer unparalleled opportunities for international and Colombian students alike. With each scholarship providing unique benefits and experiences, the doors to a world-class education are wide open. Now that you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge, it’s time to take the leap and seize these opportunities. Despite the competitiveness, remember that your determination, passion, and drive for excellence can make your dream of studying in Colombia a reality. Happy scholarship hunting!

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