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Fully Funded Germany Scholarships 2024/2025

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Germany is known for its high-quality education system, with top-ranked universities and research institutions. It’s no surprise that many students dream of studying in this country. However, the cost of living and tuition fees can often be a barrier for students. 

That’s where fully funded German scholarships come in. These scholarships provide financial support to international students, covering all expenses including tuition, accommodation, and living costs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various fully funded scholarships available in Germany, and how you can apply for them to make your dream of studying in this country a reality.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for international students to gain insights into the political landscape of Germany. This leading political foundation offers scholarships that go beyond financial support, providing a gateway to a holistic experience of German culture and politics. Whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate student, FES is a unique platform to engage in policy dialogue and forge lasting connections. It’s a chance to explore Germany in all its depth and breadth. 


  • Academic excellence: Demonstrated through strong grades, coursework relevant to your desired field, and academic achievements or awards.
  • Social and political commitment: Active involvement in community service, political organizations, or social justice initiatives showcasing your dedication to societal well-being.
  • Personal suitability: FES looks for individuals with strong leadership potential, critical thinking skills, and a commitment to democratic values.
  • Specific requirements: Depending on the chosen program (e.g., undergraduate or doctoral) and target group (e.g., German student vs. international student), additional criteria might apply.

Application Process:

  • Selection of program: Choose the appropriate program for your academic level and target group (German/international) on the FES Scholarships website.
  • Online application: Submit your application electronically through the FES portal within the designated deadline. Ensure you have all required documents prepared, including:
    • Curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Letter of motivation explaining your academic goals, social commitment, and reasons for applying
    • Transcripts and certificates
    • Language proficiency certificates (if applicable)
    • Two letters of recommendation
  • Selection stages: If shortlisted, you might be invited for an interview and/or assessment tests to further evaluate your suitability.
  • Notification: FES will inform you about the scholarship decision via email.

It also gives you the chance to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals and influential figures in the realm of social democracy through its networking and mentoring programs. If your studies are guided by a strong political compass and a desire to contribute to democratic discourse, then these scholarships may be your gateway to an enriching educational journey in Germany. 

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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung scholarships

Take a step forward with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung scholarships, an initiative of one of Germany’s influential political foundations. Devoted to advancing democracy, equality, and social justice, this scholarship is a beacon for international students from all academic disciplines. 

Types of Scholarships:

  • Study Scholarships: For German and international students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Germany.
  • Doctoral Scholarships: For international students conducting doctoral research in Germany.
  • Lux like Studium: Support program for non-academic background students in Germany wanting to pursue university studies.

Eligibility (general):

  • Strong academic performance: Demonstrated through good grades, relevant coursework, and academic achievements.
  • Social and political commitment: Active involvement in social movements, advocacy, or initiatives promoting social justice and equality.
  • Preference for marginalized groups: RLS prioritizes applications from women, students with non-academic backgrounds, immigrants, and people with disabilities.
  • Language proficiency: Good German language skills are required for most programs.

A distinguishing feature of these scholarships is their commitment to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them overcome financial barriers and access the world-class education Germany has to offer. 

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Freie University Scholarships In Germany

Aim high and reach for the stars with the renowned Freie University Scholarships, an opportunity worth seizing for international students. This esteemed institution, revered as one of the top universities in Germany, provides a broad range of scholarships. 


  • Open to: Prospective PhD students at FU Berlin (nationality not specified).
  • Selection criteria: Based on academic excellence, research potential, and motivation for the chosen PhD program.


  • Monthly stipend: €1,300 for a maximum of three months.
  • Travel allowance: To cover travel costs related to participating in the scholarship program.

Nomination process:

  • Initiative lies with FU Berlin professors: Only professors from FU Berlin can nominate candidates for the Test Scholarships.
  • Contact potential supervisors: If you’re interested in this scholarship, reach out to professors at FU Berlin whose research aligns with your interests and inquire about potential nomination opportunities.

These scholarships are more than just a financial aid package; they are your ticket to an exceptional educational journey in Germany. What’s covered, you ask? From tuition fees and living expenses to sometimes even travel costs, these scholarships offer comprehensive coverage that eases the financial burden off your shoulders. 

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Can I get a fully funded scholarship in Germany?

Absolutely! Germany boasts a plethora of fully funded scholarships like the DAAD, Deutschlandstipendium, and university-specific programs.

Can I get a 100% German scholarship?

Many scholarships like DAAD cover tuition fees, monthly stipends, health insurance, and even travel costs, essentially covering your entire study period.

What is the fully funded scholarship in Germany for 2023-2024?

While specific scholarships change, DAAD currently offers various fully funded PhD and Master’s programs for international students. Additionally, university-specific scholarships like Freie Universität’s Test Scholarships exist. Check out our blog for detailed information and ongoing opportunities!

Is DAAD Scholarship for 2023 open?

Unfortunately, applications for the 2023 intake closed in 2022. But don’t fret! The 2024 intake application period often opens around July/August. Stay tuned to DAAD’s website for updates and start preparing early!

How much CGPA is required for DAAD scholarship?

DAAD doesn’t set a specific CGPA requirement, but a strong academic record, exceptional research potential, and a convincing application make you stand out. Generally, a CGPA above 3.5 on a 4-point scale is considered competitive.


As you stand on the threshold of your future, consider the wealth of opportunities that lie in Germany’s educational landscape. The country offers a rich tapestry of fully funded scholarships that can open doors to world-class education, vibrant culture, and career-enhancing networks. Whether you’re drawn to the wide-ranging scholarships in the DAAD database, the politically charged environment of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarships, the social justice advocacy of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung scholarships, or the academic excellence demanded by the Freie University Scholarships, your aspiration has a match in Germany. 

Remember, these scholarships are not just about the monetary benefits; they’re also platforms for growth, exposure, and an immersive educational journey. Be ready for the rigorous selection processes, and let your academic prowess, social consciousness, and determination shine through. Your ticket to studying in Germany may be a scholarship application away. Reach out, seize these opportunities, and step into a future filled with promise. Here’s to your success in finding a scholarship that catapults you into the world of German education. Let your dreams be your guide, and may they lead you to an enriching academic experience in the land of innovation and excellence.

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