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Fully Funded North Macedonia Scholarships 2024/2025

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With scholarships like the Macedonian International Scholarship Scheme (MISS), the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program, and the Erasmus+ program, students from around the world can access quality education in North Macedonia.

The country’s renowned universities offer a wide range of study programs, including engineering, medicine, business, and more. With generous financial support and a welcoming culture, North Macedonia is a hidden gem in the world of international education. 

IUST Scholarship Programs

In line with its commitment to nurturing minds from all corners of the globe, North Macedonia is home to the International University of Struga (IUST), a globally acclaimed institution known for its competitive scholarship programs. The IUST Scholarship Programs are renowned for their comprehensive scope, covering a wide array of disciplines and ensuring that all deserving students, irrespective of their academic interests, have an opportunity to excel in their chosen field.


Scholarship eligibility at IUST can vary depending on the specific program you’re interested in. However, some general criteria often include:

  • Academic excellence: High GPA or outstanding performance in relevant subjects.
  • Financial need: Demonstrated need for financial assistance to pursue your studies.
  • Program-specific requirements: Some scholarships may have additional requirements related to your chosen field of study or research area.
  • Nationality: Some scholarships might be restricted to Bangladeshi citizens or students from specific countries.

Application Process:

  1. Identify relevant scholarships: Explore the IUST website (https://www.iutoic-dhaka.edu/: https://www.iutoic-dhaka.edu/) and check the “Scholarships” section for detailed information about different programs. Each program should have its own eligibility criteria and application details.
  2. Download application forms: Most scholarships have downloadable application forms on the IUST website. Ensure you download the correct form for the specific scholarship you’re applying for.
  3. Prepare required documents: Gather all the documents listed in the application form, such as transcripts, certificates, financial aid statements, recommendation letters, and a personal statement or essay.
  4. Meet application deadlines: Pay close attention to the deadline for each scholarship program. Submit your complete application before the deadline to avoid disqualification.
  5. Submit your application: You can usually submit your application electronically through the IUST website or by physical mail to the Registrar’s Office. Follow the specific instructions provided for each scholarship program.

The IUST Scholarship Programs cover both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. For undergraduates, the scholarships encompass a wide range of fields such as computer sciences, business administration, law, and many more.  

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IBU Scholarship Program

Another highly acclaimed institution offering a myriad of fully-funded scholarship opportunities in North Macedonia is the International Balkan University (IBU). This globally recognized institution, known for its multicultural environment and commitment to academic excellence, provides a platform for students to explore and realize their full potential.


Eligibility for IBU scholarships varies depending on the specific program. However, some general eligibility criteria include:

  • Academic excellence: High school GPA or undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Financial need: Demonstrated need for financial assistance to pursue your studies.
  • English language proficiency: TOEFL score of at least 80 or IELTS score of at least 6.5.
  • Citizenship: Some scholarships are restricted to citizens of specific countries.

Application Process

The application process for IBU scholarships is typically as follows:

  1. Submit an application form: You can download the application form from the IBU website.
  2. Submit required documents: Gather the required documents, such as transcripts, certificates, financial aid statements, recommendation letters, and a personal statement or essay.
  3. Meet application deadlines: Pay close attention to the deadline for each scholarship program. Submit your complete application before the deadline to avoid disqualification.
  4. Submit your application: You can usually submit your application electronically through the IBU website or by physical mail to the Admissions Office.

Beyond just financial assistance, the IBU Scholarship Program offers an enriching experience for its recipients. It creates an environment that promotes academic growth and intellectual curiosity, nurturing innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Consequently, the beneficiaries of these scholarships evolve from mere students to future innovators, leaders, and change-makers.

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Title VIII Research Scholar Program.

North Macedonia’s commitment to fostering global intellect doesn’t stop at university education; it extends to researchers too. One of the most prominent programs propelling this initiative is the Title VIII Research Scholar Program.


  • Funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII).
  • Provides full financial support for graduate students, faculty, and independent scholars to conduct independent research in-country for 3 to 9 consecutive months.
  • Supports research exploring the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of the region.


  • Round-trip international travel.
  • Housing and living stipends.
  • Visa support.
  • Overseas health, accident, and evacuation insurance.
  • Archive access.
  • Logistical support.


  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Can be a graduate student, faculty member, or independent scholar.
  • Research proposal must focus on Eastern Europe and Eurasia.
  • Strong academic record and research experience preferred.

In essence, the Title VIII Research Scholar Program provides American researchers with a phenomenal opportunity. It not only enables them to conduct significant, independent research but also offers a rich cultural immersion in the heart of Europe.  

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Fulbright Macedonia Scholarship Program.

Broadening the horizon for international education and research, North Macedonia hosts the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship Program. Established under the aegis of the United States government, the Fulbright Macedonia Scholarship Program is an initiative aimed at fostering intellectual growth, cross-cultural understanding, and mutual collaboration between North Macedonia and the United States.

Who can apply?

  • U.S. citizens: You must be a U.S. citizen at the time of application.
  • Graduate students and researchers: Open to graduate students seeking research opportunities or pursuing Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, and young professionals and artists engaged in their field.
  • Language proficiency: English language proficiency is required for all grant categories.

What’s offered?

  • Full funding: Covers tuition fees, monthly stipend, health insurance, international travel allowance, and research funds (for research grants).
  • Duration: Varies depending on the grant category, ranging from 9 months for research grants to 12 months for academic year programs.
  • Networking and cultural immersion: Connect with academics, professionals, and the vibrant Macedonian community.

Application process:

  • Competitive application process: Opens in April and closes in May of the year preceding academic exchange.
  • Applications: Submit online through the Fulbright Online application system.
  • Required documents: Transcripts, CV, letters of recommendation, research proposal (for research grants), personal statement, and language proficiency test scores.

Moreover, the Fulbright program in North Macedonia also extends the opportunity for Macedonian students and scholars to study, teach, or conduct research in the United States. This reciprocal initiative further strengthens the bonds of intellectual exchange and cultural understanding between the two nations.

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed path to a 100% scholarship, but maximizing your chances requires a multi-pronged approach:

  • Academic excellence: Aim for high grades and demonstrate academic prowess in your chosen field.
  • Strong extracurriculars: Showcase leadership, research experience, and involvement in relevant activities.
  • Compelling application: Craft a clear, well-written application highlighting your achievements, goals, and motivations.
  • Consider diverse options: Explore scholarships from universities, governments, NGOs, and private organizations.
  • Target scholarships: Focus on programs aligned with your academic background and career aspirations.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

“Easy” is subjective, and scholarship availability depends on your background, qualifications, and program choice. However, some countries with a wider range of scholarship opportunities include:

  • Germany: DAAD scholarships and various university programs for international students.
  • Norway: Quota Scholarships offering full funding for Master’s degrees.
  • Sweden: Swedish Institute scholarships for international students at various levels.
  • Netherlands: Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme for talented international students.

What is the easiest fully funded scholarship?

Again, no scholarship is truly “easy.” However, scholarships with less specific eligibility criteria or broad research areas might be considered easier to apply for, like:

  • Fulbright Scholarships: Offered in several countries for various academic pursuits.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships: Supports outstanding scholars from developing countries pursuing postgraduate studies at Cambridge University.
  • Rhodes Scholarships: Funds postgraduate studies at Oxford University for exceptional students from around the world.

Is DAAD scholarship still open?

DAAD scholarship deadlines vary depending on the specific program and country. Some applications are open now, while others might have closed or not yet opened. Check the DAAD website (https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/scholarships/daad-scholarships/) for specific deadlines and program information.

How can a Nigerian apply for DAAD scholarship?

Nigerian students can apply for DAAD scholarships through the following steps:

Remember, applying for scholarships takes time and effort. Start early, research thoroughly, and prepare your application carefully to increase your chances of success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to scholarship providers or academic advisors for guidance and support.


From the comprehensive scholarship programs at the International University of Struga and the International Balkan University to the prestigious Title VIII Research Scholar Program and the Fulbright Macedonia Scholarship Program, North Macedonia caters to a diverse array of academic interests and professional aspirations.

As the saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Start your application today and take that first step towards your dream academic journey in North Macedonia. Remember, opportunity doesn’t knock twice, so grab it while you can. After all, the world is but a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Turn the page, and let your story in North Macedonia begin!

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