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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in Italy with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Pursuing a career in nursing can lead you on a path to a rewarding profession that is in high demand globally. Italy, known for its rich history, excellent cuisine, and stunning landscapes, also offers quality education at an affordable price. 

Among the myriad of academic options, nursing stands out due to its practical, hands-on approach, and international recognition. For students seeking affordable education in this field, Italy is a top destination. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 cheap nursing schools in Italy that offer scholarships and have relatively low school fees, making your dream of studying abroad both achievable and affordable.

1) University of Bologna

At the heart of Italy’s rich academic heritage lies the University of Bologna, an institution celebrated for blending historical significance with modern educational techniques. Its nursing program is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of both theoretical frameworks and hands-on clinical practices. 

Tuition is scaled according to family income, ensuring accessibility. Additionally, the university extends various scholarships and financial support mechanisms, notably the ER.GO program, which is dedicated to providing both monetary assistance and housing solutions to eligible students. This approach makes the University of Bologna an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable yet comprehensive nursing education.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 72.2 K

2) University of Milan

The University of Milan is distinguished for its academic rigor and comprehensive nursing curriculum, designed to prepare students for the challenges of modern healthcare. This institution stands out for its affordability, offering a sliding scale for tuition based on family income, alongside a variety of scholarships aimed at supporting both domestic and international students. 

Its dedication to making education accessible is evident in its efforts to remove financial barriers, ensuring that aspiring nurses can pursue their ambitions without undue burden.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 33.2 K

3) University of Padua

The University of Padua stands out for its robust nursing program, which merges traditional teachings with cutting-edge healthcare strategies. Recognized for fostering a supportive learning environment, this institution offers a tuition fee structure that is designed to be financially inclusive. 

Students may also take advantage of several scholarship programs aimed at alleviating the cost of education, ensuring that passionate nursing students can focus on their academic and professional development without the stress of financial constraints.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 42.2 K

4) Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome, a beacon of knowledge in Italy’s capital, stands out for its exceptional nursing program focused on cutting-edge healthcare education. Known for its comprehensive curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical application, the university offers affordable tuition fees structured on a sliding scale based on family income. 

It also provides a variety of scholarships, including options for international students, ensuring that a wide range of students can access its quality nursing education without financial hardship.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 64.2 K

5) University of Florence

Nestled in a city celebrated for its contributions to art and science, the University of Florence’s nursing program stands as a beacon of innovative healthcare education. Students are offered a curriculum that is both rigorous and forward-thinking, emphasizing the importance of integrating the latest medical practices into their studies. 

With tuition set at competitive rates and a spectrum of scholarships particularly welcoming to international learners, the University of Florence makes pursuing a nursing career accessible and enriching, ensuring students not only gain essential skills but also appreciate the value of cultural and historical context in healthcare.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 45.2 K

6) University of Naples Federico II

The University of Naples Federico II excels in offering a progressive nursing program tailored to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in the healthcare field. Recognizing the financial barriers that often deter aspiring students, it features a competitive tuition fee structure and a robust scholarship framework, designed to support both local and international students. 

Through these financial aids, the university ensures that passionate individuals have the opportunity to advance in their nursing careers without the weight of economic constraints, fostering a diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 56.2 K

7) University of Turin

The University of Turin stands out for its dedication to marrying academic rigor with practical healthcare training. It’s known for its economical tuition fees and expansive scholarship offerings, catering especially to international students aiming for a career in nursing. 

This institution makes it a priority to ensure that students from diverse financial backgrounds have the opportunity to excel in their nursing studies, promoting an inclusive and enriching educational experience.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 78.2 K

8) University of Pisa

The University of Pisa is distinguished by its dedication to fostering advancements in nursing through a blend of rigorous research and practical application. Its commitment to affordability is showcased through a thoughtfully structured fee system and the provision of numerous scholarships. 

These financial aids are designed to ensure that a diverse group of students can pursue their nursing ambitions without being hindered by economic barriers, paving the way for future healthcare innovators and leaders.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 89.2 K

9) University of Bari Aldo Moro

The University of Bari Aldo Moro prides itself on delivering a comprehensive nursing curriculum that balances the latest healthcare practices with foundational theories. It offers a supportive academic environment, underscored by competitively priced tuition and an array of scholarship options. 

This ensures that both local and international students have the means to embark on their nursing education journey, fostering a diverse academic community focused on advancing the future of healthcare.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 43.2 K

10) University of Catania

The University of Catania stands as an exceptional choice for students seeking a balanced and progressive nursing education. With its commitment to blending traditional nursing education with modern healthcare advancements, the university offers an engaging curriculum at competitive tuition rates. 

Through a comprehensive scholarship program, including options tailored for international students, the University of Catania ensures that financial barriers do not hinder passionate nursing students from pursuing their academic and professional goals in the scenic and culturally rich environment of Sicily.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  INR 65.2 K


How much does it cost to study nursing in Italy?

The cost of studying nursing in Italy can vary depending on several factors, including the university, program, and nationality of the student. Generally, for EU/EEA citizens, education in Italy is relatively affordable, with tuition fees ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand euros per year. 

Which university in Italy is the cheapest?

The concept of “cheapest” can vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific program of study. Generally, public universities in Italy tend to have lower tuition fees compared to private institutions.  

Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

Several countries offer high-quality nursing education at relatively affordable costs. Some popular destinations for studying nursing include the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and some European countries like Germany and Norway.  

Which university in Italy has no admission fee?

In Italy, admission to public universities typically involves an application process, but there is generally no separate admission fee. However, students may need to pay an application processing fee, which is usually nominal. 

Can a poor student study in Italy?

Yes, Italy offers various opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, including those with financial constraints. Public universities in Italy generally have lower tuition fees compared to many other countries, making education more accessible.  


To sum up, Italy is an excellent option for those looking to study nursing abroad. The country has many top-ranked nursing schools that offer high-quality education at an affordable price. In addition, there are some scholarships and grants available to help offset the cost of tuition. Whether you are looking for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, Italy has many great options to choose from. And with the country’s rich culture and history, it’s an exciting place to live and study.

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