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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in Singapore with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Pursuing a career in nursing is a noble and rewarding choice, offering the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. Singapore, known for its high standards in healthcare education, offers several options for those looking to embark on this path without breaking the bank. 

Among these options, the top 10 cheap nursing schools in Singapore stand out not only for their affordability but also for the availability of scholarships that can further alleviate financial burdens. In this blog post, we delve into these institutions, highlighting their school fees and scholarship opportunities.

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1) Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Nanyang Polytechnic stands out for its blend of theoretical and hands-on training in nursing, offering one of the most cost-efficient programs in Singapore. The annual tuition for local students is around $2,900, a manageable sum for many. 

To further support its students, NYP offers a range of scholarships, including the prestigious NYP Scholarship which can cover up to the entirety of tuition fees for those demonstrating exceptional academic achievements or potential in nursing.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $2,900

2) Republic Polytechnic (RP)

Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Nursing program is strategically designed to arm students with the essential skills needed for a thriving career in nursing. The program’s affordability is a significant advantage, with tuition fees for Singapore Citizens pegged at approximately S$2,800 annually. 

To ease the financial strain on students, RP offers a myriad of scholarship opportunities. Among these is the Healthcare Merit Award, which not only covers the full tuition fees but also provides a generous monthly allowance, ensuring students can focus fully on their studies and clinical training.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $2,800 annually

3) ITE College East

ITE College East is renowned for its focus on hands-on learning through its Nitec in Nursing program. This program is notably accessible, with tuition fees for Singapore Citizens set at about S$400 annually, after accounting for government subsidies. 

To further support students financially, the institution offers the ITE Scholarship. This scholarship helps mitigate the costs associated with pursuing a nursing career, making it easier for students to focus on their practical and theoretical training in the nursing field.

4) ITE College West

ITE College West emphasizes a hands-on approach to nursing through its Nitec program, maintaining affordability at about $400 annually for local students after subsidies. This institution extends financial support through scholarships specifically designed for nursing students, such as the ITE Scholarship for Nursing. 

This initiative aids in reducing the financial barriers to education, allowing students to concentrate on acquiring the practical skills necessary for their future careers in the healthcare sector.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $400 annually

5) National University of Singapore (NUS)

At the National University of Singapore, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program sets students on a path toward excellence in the healthcare field. While the yearly fees for locals are approximately $8,200, the university eases this financial load through various scholarships, including the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship. 

These financial aids are comprehensive, covering full tuition and providing allowances for living expenses, thereby enabling students to pursue their studies without the weight of financial concerns.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $8,200

6) Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

SIT’s Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing program caters to registered nurses aiming for higher qualifications. Local students face annual fees of around $8,000. To help offset costs, SIT extends several scholarship options, such as the SIT Scholarship, which provides comprehensive financial support covering tuition in full and includes benefits that ease the path for ambitious nursing students to further their education and skills without financial strain.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $8,000

7) Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is known for its comprehensive Diploma in Nursing program, which equips students for the ever-evolving healthcare industry. With tuition costs for Singapore Citizens being an affordable $2,900 per year, NP makes nursing education accessible.

To further alleviate financial pressures, NP offers scholarships like the NP Merit Scholarship, which is designed to cover not just the tuition fees but also related educational expenses, thereby supporting students in their journey towards becoming skilled nursing professionals.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $2,900 per year

8) Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Nursing program stands as a beacon of affordability and quality in the field, with an annual tuition fee set at around $2,800 for local students. To further ease the financial journey for its students, SP presents a plethora of scholarship options.

Among these, the SP Scholarship shines, specifically targeting exemplary students. This scholarship not only takes care of the tuition fees but also provides a stipend for living expenses, enabling students to devote their full attention and effort towards mastering the art and science of nursing.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $2,800

9) BMC International College

BMC International College presents an appealing path for those aiming to enter the nursing profession with its budget-friendly Diploma in Nursing program. The college sets tuition fees at about $5,000 per year for Singapore Citizens, making higher education in nursing more accessible.

To support its students, BMC offers a variety of scholarships aimed at recognizing and aiding those with outstanding academic achievements or who are in need of financial assistance, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder passionate individuals from pursuing their nursing aspirations.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $5,000 per year  

10) KLC International Institute

KLC International Institute offers a pragmatic approach to nursing education through its Diploma in Nursing program, priced at about $5,500 per year for local attendees.

Recognizing the importance of financial support, KLC extends scholarships aimed at students demonstrating academic excellence or facing financial hurdles, thereby facilitating a smoother educational journey for those dedicated to advancing in the healthcare profession.

Estimated Tuition Fee: $5,500 per year


How much does it cost to study nursing in Singapore?

The cost of studying nursing in Singapore can vary depending on the school and program you choose, but on average, the tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree in nursing range from S$12,000 to S$18,000 per year (approximately $8,600 to $12,900 USD). This does not include the cost of living, which can range from S$1,500 to S$3,000 per month (approximately $1,100 to $2,200 USD).

Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

When considering the best and most affordable countries to study nursing, several factors come into play, including the quality of education, cost of living, potential for post-graduation employment, and availability of scholarships or financial aid.

What is the cheapest university in Singapore for international students?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the absolute “cheapest” university due to variations in tuition fees  based on factors like specific programs and potential changes. Here’s what you can do:

  • Target Public Universities: Public universities generally offer lower fees than private institutions.
  • Research University Websites: Check the official websites of public universities in Singapore offering nursing programs. They typically list tuition fees.

Which university is free in Singapore?

There aren’t universities offering entirely free nursing education for international students in Singapore. However, scholarships and financial aid options might help reduce costs. Research these possibilities thoroughly based on your situation.

How much is Singapore international school fees for foreigners?

While not directly related to nursing education, international school fees in Singapore for foreigners can be very high, ranging from S$30,000 to S$70,000 per year (around $22,200 to $51,800 USD) depending on the school and grade level.


Singapore is an excellent option for international students looking for affordable nursing schools. Not only do many of the universities in Singapore have low tuition fees, but there are also a number of scholarships and financial aid options available.

Additionally, the high standard of living in Singapore means that even though the cost of living may be higher than in some other countries, the overall cost of studying in Singapore can still be very reasonable. And, with Singapore’s strong reputation for academic excellence, you can be sure that your degree will be recognized and respected around the world.

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