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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in Germany with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Germany, known for its robust healthcare system and state-of-the-art medical facilities, also boasts some of the world’s best nursing schools. Offering a combination of quality education, practical experience, and affordability, Germany stands out as a premier destination for aspiring nurses from around the globe. 

The numerous scholarships available are particularly appealing, designed to alleviate financial burdens and make nursing education accessible to all. For those looking to embark on a nursing career without breaking the bank, here’s a closer look at the top 10 cheap nursing schools in Germany with scholarships and their school fees.

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1) Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, a leading institution in Europe for medical education, offers an exemplary nursing program that marries theoretical foundations with comprehensive clinical practice. It provides students with a rich educational journey, poised to forge competent professionals ready for the healthcare field. 

Beneficiaries of scholarships, like the Deutschlandstipendium, find themselves with eased financial pressures. A semester contribution of about €300, which includes a coveted public transport ticket, is the only fee students need to manage, as tuition is largely state-covered.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: 16,400 

2) Technical University of Munich (TUM)

At TUM, students embark on a journey through innovative nursing education, emphasizing evidence-based practices vital for the evolving healthcare landscape. With the TUM Scholarship for International Students providing financial assistance, the burden of living costs is significantly reduced.

The only financial obligation for students is the semester fee, set at approximately €150, which encompasses both the basic fee and student union contribution, ensuring a focus on academic and professional development in the nursing field.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: 12,600

3) Heidelberg University

At Heidelberg University, esteemed as one of Germany’s oldest higher education institutions, the nursing program integrates an interdisciplinary curriculum with a global outlook, preparing students for a variety of international healthcare environments. 

With access to the DAAD Scholarship, international learners gain financial support that covers tuition, health insurance, and accommodation costs. A nominal semester fee of roughly €170, which provides students with a semester ticket for public transport, is the primary expense for attendees, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder educational advancement in nursing.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: 10,100

4) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU)

LMU shines as a hub for students aspiring to tackle global health issues through nursing. The university’s educational approach intertwines rigorous academic study with essential practical experiences. Financial aid, like the LMU Munich Scholarship for International Students, eases the journey for many. 

The required semester fee stands at about €130, addressing administrative duties and providing student services, thereby fostering a conducive learning environment for future healthcare professionals.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: €130 per semester

5) University of Freiburg

Nestled in a city known for its scenic beauty, the University of Freiburg’s nursing program equips students with critical analytical skills and a profound grasp of healthcare principles. The program benefits from the support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarships, aimed at international students seeking financial assistance. 

Participants are responsible for a semester contribution of about €155, which covers a student services fee and includes a pass for unlimited use of local public transportation, facilitating easy access to both campus and clinical settings.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: €155 Per semester 

6) RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University stands out for integrating cutting-edge research and technology within its nursing curriculum, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on training in state-of-the-art facilities. The university offers various scholarships, including the RWTH Aachen University Scholarship, to support students financially. 

A semester fee of approximately €290 is required from students, which includes contributions to social services and provides a semester ticket, enhancing students’ access to comprehensive educational resources and practical experience opportunities.

  • Estimted Tuition Fee: €290

7) University of Tübingen

At the University of Tübingen, the focus is squarely on nurturing nursing professionals who are adept in evidence-based practice and delivering patient-centered care. Through the support of scholarships such as the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship, students from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to alleviate financial stress. 

The university mandates a semester fee of roughly $160, which primarily caters to administrative costs and includes a semester ticket, facilitating seamless travel for students to and from campus.

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: $160

8) Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin, an esteemed institution, combines academic rigor with practical nursing skills to equip students for the healthcare industry. With options like the Humboldt Research Fellowship, aspiring nursing students can focus on their studies and research projects without financial worries.

The semester contribution, around €320, includes comprehensive access to Berlin’s public transport system, ensuring that students can easily navigate the city for both educational and leisure activities.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €320

9) University of Münster

The University of Münster offers a distinguished nursing program that integrates collaborative learning with cutting-edge healthcare innovations. Access to scholarships from various foundations and entities enables a broad spectrum of students to pursue their academic goals with less financial strain.

With a semester fee set at approximately €280, which encompasses both a comprehensive semester ticket for public transit and contributions to social services, students are well-positioned to fully engage in their studies and the vibrant student life Münster has to offer.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €280

10) University of Cologne

The University of Cologne excels in merging a comprehensive curriculum with innovative research in the nursing field. It opens doors for students through various scholarships, notably the University of Cologne Scholarship for International Students, easing the financial journey of education. 

Students are required to contribute a semester fee of around €260, which covers both the social contribution fee and provides a semester ticket, facilitating seamless access to public transportation and supporting a balance between academic pursuits and exploration of the vibrant city life in Cologne.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €260


How much does nursing school cost in Germany?

Studying nursing in Germany can be quite affordable. The average tuition for a bachelor’s degree in nursing is around €500 per semester, though costs can vary depending on the university and the program. 

Can I get a scholarship to study nursing in Germany?

Yes, you can! There are several scholarships available for international students who wish to study nursing in Germany. The most common type of scholarship is the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship, which is available to students from all over the world. 

How can I study nursing in Germany for free?

It is possible to study nursing in Germany for free if you are able to find a university that offers tuition waivers. These waivers are typically offered to international students who have outstanding academic records and who have been accepted into a nursing program. It is important to keep in mind that these waivers are not guaranteed and are highly competitive.

Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

When it comes to finding the best and most affordable country to study nursing, there are a few key factors to consider. First, it is important to look at the cost of living and the availability of scholarships and grants. Second, it is important to consider the quality of the nursing program and whether it is accredited by an international organization such as the International Council of Nurses

Which is the cheapest nursing course in Europe?

If you’re looking for the cheapest nursing course in Europe, your best bet is to consider a public university in a country like Germany, Italy, or France. These countries typically have lower tuition costs than other European countries, and many of their public universities offer courses in English . 


To sum up, Germany is an excellent country to study nursing, as it offers many affordable options for pursuing this career. While there are many great schools to choose from, the top 10 most affordable nursing schools in Germany are all excellent choices.

With scholarships and grants available, as well as low tuition fees, it is possible to find a program that fits your budget and your needs. With a nursing degree from one of these schools, you will be well-prepared to enter the workforce and make a difference in the lives of others. Good luck with your studies!

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