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Top 10 Cheap Nursing Schools in France with Scholarships and Their School Fees

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Pursuing a career in nursing in France can be a rewarding endeavor, especially when you consider the quality of education coupled with the opportunity to engag oneself in rich cultural experiences. However, the cost of education can be a barrier for many. 

Fortunately, France boasts several prestigious institutions that are not only affordable but also offer scholarships to international students. Here’s a closer look at the top 10 cheap nursing schools in France that offer an excellent education without breaking the bank.

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1) University of Paris

The University of Paris distinguishes itself as an affordable option for those aiming to pursue nursing. With school fees for international learners set at approximately €3,000 annually, it provides a cost-effective path to a nursing career. 

The institution prides itself on a balanced curriculum that emphasizes both theoretical and practical nursing skills. Students have access to a variety of scholarships, designed to alleviate financial burdens and support their educational journey in one of the world’s most culturally vibrant cities.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €3,000 annually

2) University of Lyon

Nestled in a hub of medical innovation, the University of Lyon stands out for its comprehensive nursing program tailored for both local and international students. With tuition fees set at a modest €2,500 a year for those coming from abroad, it represents a financially viable pathway to a nursing career. 

To further ease the financial strain, the institution offers scholarships that can cover up to half of the tuition costs, providing significant relief to students dedicated to advancing their nursing education in a city celebrated for its contributions to healthcare.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €2,500 a year

3) University of Montpellier

At the heart of a city known for its significant contributions to health sciences, the University of Montpellier stands as an appealing choice for prospective nursing students. With the cost for international learners set at around €2,700 annually, it is among the more economically accessible institutions. 

Offering a diverse range of scholarships, some of which cover the full tuition fee, the University of Montpellier ensures that financial constraints don’t hinder passionate students from pursuing their nursing ambitions in this historic and dynamic setting.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €2,700 annually

4) University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg provides a well-rounded nursing program designed to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. For international students, the cost of tuition is a reasonable €2,800 per annum. To aid students in managing these fees, the university has put in place a variety of scholarship programs. 

These financial aids are geared towards reducing the financial burden on students, with some scholarships offering to cover the entirety of the tuition costs, thereby allowing learners to focus more on their studies and less on financial worries.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €2,800 per annum

5) University of Toulouse

Offering a blend of affordability and comprehensive education, the University of Toulouse sets itself apart for aspiring nurses. The institution has set its tuition fees for international students at a competitive €3,100 annually. 

To further support its students, a range of scholarship opportunities is available, aiming to ease the financial load based on both academic merit and financial need. These initiatives ensure that students can access quality nursing education without being overwhelmed by financial constraints.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €3,100 annually.

6) University of Marseille

At the University of Marseille, students are immersed in a curriculum that skillfully blends theoretical knowledge with essential hands-on practice. International students face tuition fees of approximately €3,200 per year. 

To alleviate some of this financial burden, the university has established a scholarship program capable of covering up to three-quarters of these costs. This initiative ensures that a broader range of students can access the university’s high-quality nursing education without being deterred by financial concerns.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €3,200 per year

7) University of Lille

The University of Lille is celebrated for its innovative approach to nursing education, emphasizing both advanced patient care techniques and cutting-edge research. For international students, the institution maintains an attractive tuition fee of €2,600 per year. 

To further enhance affordability, the university offers a dynamic scholarship program tailored to meet the needs of students from overseas, focusing on mitigating the financial hurdles that may stand in the way of their academic and professional aspirations in the nursing field.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €2,600 per year. 

8) University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux shines in the realm of healthcare education, providing a nursing program that is both comprehensive and affordable. With annual tuition for international students pegged at €3,000, it stands as a beacon for those seeking to blend cost-effectiveness with quality. 

The institution’s scholarship offerings are robust, catering to a diverse range of financial needs and academic achievements. This ensures that aspiring nurses have the opportunity to pursue their education without the burden of overwhelming expenses, making the University of Bordeaux an excellent choice for budget-conscious students with a passion for healthcare.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €3,000,

9) University of Grenoble Alpes

The University of Grenoble Alpes is a standout for those interested in a cost-effective nursing education. With tuition fees for international students being around €2,900 annually, it offers a financially accessible route into the nursing profession. The school provides a range of scholarship options aimed at supporting students from various financial backgrounds. 

These scholarships help in significantly reducing the cost of education, enabling a more diverse group of students to achieve their nursing aspirations in an environment known for its innovative healthcare education.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €2,900 annually

10) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis excels in delivering a nursing education that balances affordability with innovation. International students are expected to pay tuition fees around €3,100 annually. To help ease financial stress, the university extends scholarship opportunities designed to accommodate a variety of financial situations. 

These scholarships play a critical role in making education more accessible, ensuring that aspiring nurses can focus on their studies and practical experiences without being hindered by cost concerns.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €3,100 annually


How much does it cost to study nursing in France?

The cost of studying nursing in France varies depending on the university and program you choose. Public universities in France typically charge around €200 to €400 per year for tuition, while private universities can charge anywhere from €1,000 to €7,000 per year.

Which country is best and cheap to study nursing?

Many countries offer affordable and high-quality nursing education, but some of the best options include Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Spain. Germany is often considered one of the best countries to study nursing in Europe, thanks to its affordable tuition fees, high-quality education, and excellent scholarship opportunities. 

How long is nursing school in France?

In France, nursing school typically takes three years to complete, after which students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The program is divided into two parts: a general education component and a nursing component. The general education component typically includes courses in French, English, mathematics, and natural sciences

 Which university in Europe is cheapest for nursing?

Public universities in France, especially for the DEI program, are among the most affordable options in Europe due to the low tuition fees. However, keep in mind factors like living expenses and program structure when comparing affordability across countries.

Which college has the lowest fees for a BSc nursing?

If you’re looking for the lowest fees for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree, you’ll want to consider schools like Lakehead University, the University of Manitoba, the University of New Brunswick, and the University of Saskatchewan. 


In conclusion, France is a great place to study nursing due to the quality of education, the low tuition fees, and the scholarship opportunities. With some of the top schools in Europe offering nursing degrees, France is a great option for anyone looking to pursue a career in nursing. Whether you’re looking for a BScN or a master’s degree, there are many great options to choose from. And with scholarships available, France is an affordable option for students from all over the world. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable education, France is definitely worth considering.

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